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several emotional problems arise from childhood,
we grow up with inhibitions in the inner child
to release ourselves from chains of our own mind
we need to use childhood regression to heal the inner child

In the busy world of today, we barely have time to spend with ourselves. When we keep performing to meet the expectations of other people or socializing to entertain ourselves, we pay no attention to our inner self, the little ME which resides in all of us.
The fact that we grow big in the body does not negate the existence of our childhood self who we evolve from. There are several disappointments we encounter while growing up, which we tend to ignore or forget. However, some of these negative experiences create intense emotional disturbances at the soul level. These intensely negative experiences remain as blots of memories in the canvas of our mind. Though we do not remember them clearly, we can still feel that there was something wrong.

Such childhood experiences affect our internal belief patterns about what we can or should expect from life. They are also the cause of intense cravings as for alcohol, cigarettes, food or shopping. When we do not get what we intensely desire in childhood and feel compromised because of whatever reason, a small soul fragment within us dies. That little soul fragment becomes frozen at that point in time and keeps desiring the same thing over and over again. When we are adults, that suppressed, ignored part within us seeks to come alive by creating craving for objects, which fulfil the same feelings as were left unfulfilled in childhood.

Every disagreement with our parents, peers or society does not create an emotional death but the experiences which are emotionally heated and make us feel very helpless, as children, create weakness in our soul. A part of the soul becomes so negative that it stops growing beyond that age. That age becomes a point of death for that soul fragment as at the point of death, the spirit freezes in the emotion being felt and keeps pursuing that same unfinished desire, till it achieves it, in body. The book ‘In Search of Happiness: how past lives affect our present a soul’s perspective ‘gives the explanation of how desires get carried over life-times. The book also explains how inner child healing helps to cure de-addictions with an example.
We say that we crave when we want something repeatedly for no rational reason. We seek to fill emptiness within us but the feeling we need to satisfy does not remain satiated for long. After a temporary bout of satisfaction, the deprivation rises again. We think that our need is for an external desire but when we indulge in that activity, there is always a conflict in our mind.
Hence, before choosing to remain addicted to things which we know do not really satisfy us in our heart, we need to spend some time on healing our little soul fragments .

Inner Child Healing

Focus on any intense desire you have which you would rather be free from. Do not take up the task of healing a chronic problem, initially. Start with something you crave but are not very addicted to, like eating chocolates or buying clothes Focus on you indulging in that activity for some time. How do you feel before the activity? What do you feel after indulging in the activity? Does indulging in that act make you feel stronger or weaker emotionally? Focus on the outcome of you indulging in that addiction and observe yourself. Are you sadder the next day or happier? Do you feel evolved as a soul or helpless?

Now, start the healing meditation.
•       Sit with feet flat on floor and spine straight and count
yourself down from 25 to 0.
•       Then imagine the top of your head and release black smoke. Imagine a golden ray of life force energy coming inside you and filling up in your stomach. Feel the energy spreading to all parts of your body. Allow your stomach to glow like a SUN with rays spreading all over for a few breaths.
•       Then, imagine that you are flying into the clouds. Spread your wings and fly higher and higher.
•       Enter a big building in the clouds which has a dormitory.
Imagine that the dormitory has several rooms like in a hostel both to the left and right.
•       Imagine that most doors are closed, but one door is open.
Enter that door.
•       Accept the first impressions coming to your mind.
•       You would find a child sitting there. If you do not , imagine it.
•       See how old is he? Is he five or six years old or eight or ten
years old or younger or older?
•       How does s/he look? Like you from this life or different?
•       Now, go and hug that child?
•       Say that you are sorry that you have left it alone for so long. Say that you love him very much and that he is a part of you. Then say that you have realized how much you love him or her and that you have come back to take him with you. Now, you will never leave him alone .Ask it to forgive you and give love to the child. Ensure that it feels loved and secure with you.
•       Now, if it is crying, ask why is it crying? What does it want?
•       If it points to anything in that room which it is forbidden to touch, give that child that thing, be it a toy or a show piece or anything which his parents may have forbidden.
•       Now, take the child to the garden outside that room. You can go into the garden from another door in the room. Step into the garden.

•       See the child doing or speaking whatever it wants. Or see it playing with what it wants. Feel it becoming who it wants to be.
•       Now, smile as you see the child happy. This child is little
YOU. Feel that his happiness is spreading into you.
•       Now, hug the child again and stand under a fountain of LIGHT. Feel an energy shower coming from the top and entering you both.
•       If there is any black energy, feel it dissolving and flowing
away into Earth.
•       Feel a halo of light glowing like a bulb above your head and feel a ball of light glowing in your stomach. Imagine your body radiating light from inside out.
•       If you feel there is excess negativity, in the child, feel that you both are being surrounded by silvery white light.
•       Feel electric violet rays entering the child and sucking the negativity out. Feel that the strong electric rays are burning the negativity and throwing the residue in a black hold. Close the black hole with electric violet light. Feel the electric violet light cleansing the child’s stomach and spreading all over his body. See the remaining negativity being sucked out. If there is any specific part of the body which hurts, see the electric violet light touching it to heal it. When the work is done, feel the electric violet light leaving and feel blue water falling on that child and cleansing the spirit till it glows fresh with positivity.
•       Now, hug the child again and take him into you.
•       Feel the child becoming big inside you till he becomes the whole of YOU. You have merged your soul fragment in your own body at an energy level. Now, its energy is flowing with your whole energy. That integration would make your inner light brighter as you integrate a frozen part of you. That child is now a part of the bigger you.
•       Feel whole and complete again.
•       Feel yourself flying in the sky feeling brighter.
•       Come back to the dormitory from the front gate now and see again if any door is open. If all doors are closed, you few doors open, you can repeat the process.
•       After you see all doors closed and you feel satisfied, go back to flying in the clouds.
•       Fly down into your body again. Feel golden light spreading all over your body as you enter.
•       Smile and feel relaxed. You have integrated a childhood part of you in you.

•       The craving will reduce automatically now.

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