Saturday, 8 February 2014


We are evolving as human beings by rising above animal instincts
As humans rise, they become closer to being in consciousness like God,
if we use violence, destruction or negative competition for surviving,
we again devolve to being like animals instead of moving closer to God

Mass consciousness has devolved because of the wars fought in the name of peace.

Wars have hampered Soul Evolution
·         War used force to suppress people’s rational thinking. Therefore, they discouraged logical deduction of thought in human beings. Mis-use of strength encouraged short-cut methods of dealing with problems, which did not lead to long term solutions .
·         Long term solutions would have involved development of the mind to facilitate expansion of human consciousness above the need to compete.
·         Because of wars, power got transferred to physical strength rather than intellect. Developing the body became more important than developing the mind.
·         Soul evolution became secondary to external display of power or success. Values like inner satisfaction and developing innate soul qualities were sacrificed . Wealth was equated with material display.
o   That the wealthy or the well- dressed were not happier people was ignored as too complicated an issue to resolve since focus was on amassing goods instead of creating internal peace.
o   Because of the resource scarcity which wars created, people experienced periods of extreme deprivation. Hence, human focus shifted to buying goods and saving money as if an emergency would strike anytime and we would run out of resources. The natural law of abundance was denied existence as everyone fought for survival.
o   The soldier consciousness was so instilled that people lived for working rather than working for living.
o   The need for emotional training which is necessary to understand soul needs and live happily was side-lined.
o    Large amounts of human resources were used up in funding armies which could have been used for improving thinking abilities to prevent the wars.
·         Material gains are meant to be used for emotional betterment, but they do not always do so. If   we rule out amassing material victories as a criterion, what measures do we have by which benefits or losses of historical wars on the happiness of human beings could be measured?
·         Wars led to taking away free will of human beings and created negative Karma for the oppressors and victims (who became subsequent oppressors) on a large-scale, the effects of which had to be borne by several future life-times.

Spiritual messages come in the simplest of words. From the soul’s perspective of evolution,  individual upliftment is supposed to reduce feeling pressured or compromised.
For a soul, it is futile to achieve success, if it increases focus on problems and reduces  focus on happiness.
Our effort towards work is justified only if it helps to increase the average levels of peace and happiness in our lives so that our positive soul frequency rises. 

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