Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Use regular breath control to exhale anger
Always practise being in silence after releasing anger through balancing body temper
Chant OM when you exhale out anger through breathing loud.
and breathe in the SIlence which the mmmmmm sound entails


Anger is an intense energy. It cannot be controlled at the moment of reaction instantaneously. Just as we need to exercise regularly
to lose overweight, we need to release the energy of anger on a routine basis, till we reach a level of relative calmness.
Breathing out or exhalation exercises helps to release tension. Exhaling of breath needs to be done from the lungs by exhaling energy forcefully from the stomach. The forceful release of breath creates a shakeup of internal balance and causes a release of a focus on staying angry, by choice.
Releasing a focus on staying stressed due to suppressed anger through breathing exercises can be accompanied by visualizing black smoke coming out, with the exhaling breaths and white light going in with the inhaling breaths.
Another option to forceful breathing is to simply count breaths and stay thoughtless and watch breath go in and out..

 These venting out exercises need to be practiced for a few minutes every day.
If we cannot do this venting out routine meditation physically, we can also imagine we are doing it, mentally. We can visualize ourselves sitting somewhere and exhaling out air, as in forceful breathing. The imagination appears as if we are watching ourselves on television.
Imagining that we are exhaling out energy has almost the same effect on releasing negativity as doing the actual action of breathing. Also, if we are exhaling mentally, we can do the exercise anytime, like when we are stuck in a traffic jam or in our office. Nobody can see what we are doing or comment on why or how. The exhaling of breath through thinking that we are exhaling out, helps to release stress from the brain; and improves mind power.

We need to follow the exhalation of breath with maintaining a few seconds of silence in the mind.  It helps to imagine a shower of white light falling upon us from the sky and washing away negative energy. Then, we can imagine a shower of blue water coming on us and cooling us down. Next, we can silent all thinking processes by counting 1-5 in silence. The feeling of calm soothes the body and releases positive hormones.

Replacing negative energy with positive energy, after it is exhaled, is a must. Otherwise, the negative energy can come back in.
Just as when we tell a child to not play inappropriately, we also need to explain to him/her, how to play appropriately; Otherwise he becomes truant again.  Likewise, when we tell our mind not to focus on negative feelings of rage, we also need to show it how to focus on being calm, through an energy experience  of  feeling  calmness.  Imagining  a  few  seconds of calmness through positive visualization helps our mind develop states of being calm, subconsciously.
Also, screaming AAAH a few times mentally or loudly with a focus on exhaling anger, also helps to release negative energy stored up in the body. Follow screaming loudly with chanting OM or a calming breath of silence to balance energies.
Routine physical exercise also helps to release the need to indulge in yelling or screaming. The exercise channelizes excess physical energy. When the body’s energies are used constructively, the need to retaliate is lesser. A tired body would help us treat unnecessary yelling as irrelevant chatter, which would avoid a meaningless argument.
Thus, we conclude that anger cannot be controlled with the blinking of an eye lid and has to be cultivated into calmness. Anger can keep reducing on a cumulative basis if we do regular physical exercise, and exhaling breath exercises.

The exhalation of breath, physically, needs to be accompanied with exhaling of negative energy mentally. It is the feeling of release which is more important than action. Exhaling mentally can also be done by venting out negative energy through screaming in imagination followed by sitting in calm or laughing for a few minutes.  Positive hormones are released by the energy of calming silence.

Laughing or smiling mentally, in imagination or loudly, helps, significantly, to release positive hormones in the body. The laughter or smile has to come from the centre of our being  
with a genuine focus on radiating the happiness of the smile. We may visualize ourselves sitting in our stomach and smiling or laughing for a few seconds every few hours.

We have to train our mind to focus on ourselves feeling happy at those moments when we do this exercise, such that we feel a rush of positive energy in the body. The positive hormones help to open up cells in the body and release stress. Overtime, with consistent release of positive hormones, the soul evolves to a higher frequency. That helps to release anger as we start viewing the situation which created anger as insignificant or illusory; and can instead focus our energy on redefining happiness, so as to be stress free and healthy.

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