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Anger is a thought which creates negativity
If we can switch the thought immediately, we would be free
Learning to be thoughtless is an exercise like dancing or cycling
it has to be practiced at intervals before it comes with ease

Developing thoughtless states at intervals for seconds

To remain healthy and be able to work on the external situation or person who has made you angry, it is important to immediately divert your attention away from the intense negative emotion which arises fast and wants to take you over.
However, if you learn how to switch states in your mind instantly through creating zero states, you can be much calmer in your reaction when anger comes as a rush of energy. The energy of anger gets reinforced if left to sway but cannot pass through, if we can hold our breath and not allow the energy to be fuelled further.
Developing thoughtless or zero states is a kind of meditation. Several virtues and methods of learning how to be thoughtless are covered in the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, a soul’s perspective.

The essential idea behind being thoughtless is to stop thinking about anything material and feel ourselves as pure soul energy instead. The state of just BEING helps us remain connected with ourselves, as spirits beyond bodies.
We cannot be completely thoughtless ever as thinking is like breathing. It is necessary to think to keep the mind and  
body alive. As we keep thinking, we keep releasing hormones in the body and the release of hormones cannot stop even for a second.
By the thoughtless state is meant a mental state where there is only one thought in the mind which is repetitive. The thought is abstract like focusing on one’s breathing, hearing the sound of tricking water, or the dial of a clock going tick-tock or counting 1 to 10 or laughing mentally, for a few seconds for no reason. The thoughtless state is being still in a single mental, physical state without any reason. It is not a natural way of being but the way we choose to be to deliberately release positive hormones.
The one thought which we focus upon is such that it does not fuel a next thought. It does not require any reasoning or calculation. It is a thought which just IS. It is a state of BEING IS.
In a thoughtless state, we enter a zero space-time zone because there is no future or past attached to that state. It is the present absolved of all ties of human life.
The thoughtless state need not be practiced for several minutes at a stretch. But, it needs to be practiced often for a few seconds several times in a day. As we practice being thoughtless for a few seconds, five-six times a day, we slowly move away from being angry to being calm, as an energy transmission. The mind finds that feeling calmness is a better way of being at peace, than being angry. Our body feels happy as it experiences positive vibrations even when if it’s only for seconds. Slowly, the mind tries to shift our focus away from anger causing situations to redefining happiness, as our soul seeks to be positive, to feel alive.

We can be thoughtless just by asking ourselves “What is the next thought? .Our mind stills till the next thought comes in. Or we can be thoughtless by smiling to ourselves silently for a second between work. Or we can be thoughtless by closing our eyes and thinking of any happy feeling like feeling loved by feeling a baby hugging us or feeling bright by seeing a flower blooming.

At the moment of stillness, we can increase feelings of happiness in imagination by feeing that light/life force is spreading through  the  body  and  all  our  organs  are  lit  up with positive energy. As is explained in the book ‘Creation of Happiness: the Energy War, a soul’s perspective, the subconscious mind governs the functioning of the body on the basis of electric impulses reaching the autonomic nervous system through how we feel.
Feelings create energy movement in our body, be they real or imagined, memory or predictions. Through feeling happy in imagination, we send out positive rays of energy and thus, remove energy blocks in the flow of life force in the body. That way we activate further release of positive hormones because of which our mental and physical health improves.
During the thoughtless state, it is important to detach from negative thinking. The positive hormones can release only when the release of negative hormones stops. Hence, we cannot feel negative or angry at the moment of thoughtlessness.
To be predominantly happy, we have to train our mind to be neutral in our energy or positive. When our mind stills, as in waiting for the next thought, we are neutral. When we feel that we are receiving the love of a baby hugging us, we are positive. Being  neutral  or  positive  releases  positive  hormones  in the body.

Being  thoughtless  at  intervals  for  several  times  during the day helps to break negative energy circuits of the body. It reduces stress, anxiety and a focus on feelings of revenge or anger, as we deliberately choose to calm our mind at the point of thoughtlessness.
Hence, staying thoughtless helps to improve the feeling of being healthy and happy. The soul frequency evolves above negative as we reach a zero or positive energy frequency at moments of thoughtlessness.

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