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Every soul has a purpose of life
which is decided in alignment with unfinished work from past lives
the purpose of life decides the difficulties and priorities of life
a theme is made which encodes how to execute the purpose of life

After having decided on the purpose of life, a theme is developed around the specific negative energies the soul will encounter and overcome in that particular life.

This theme encodes a Allpattern. All the negative emotional experiences we encounter in a life follow a specific pattern.
For example, if overcoming the energy of rejection, is the main life purpose, then the soul would face a pattern where emotions of feeling rejected would keep coming in his/her life., This might happen through different encounters with various people including parents, friends, teachers, lovers, colleagues,etc.Because of external rejection, and past circumstances, the soul would develop an internal rejection of its own positive qualities.

The soul lesson involves loving and accepting itself in spite of facing rejection.
That way the negative energy of rejection would get over-ruled as the soul would learn to remain positive within,; this pattern ,inspite of being continuously and, negatively attacked on the external front.
In this process of evolving, the soul would have to learn other soul lessons of emotional maturity like immunity to criticism, stoicism, perseverance, patience, self-love, faith in a higher good or. God as well as, compassion and mind discipline. This would enable the soul to achieve its life- purpose without letting negativity depress its spirits.

Each  negative emotion represents a particular kind of energy of a negative frequency or speed of vibration. For instance, rejection, frustration and selfishness have different frequency levels.

However, the soul may not be able to master the chosen set of negative emotions during its life. If it fails to convert the targeted negative energy into positive, the same theme will carry itself  over to the next life. This will continue  till the soul attains its desired level of advancement. Death is no block to the process of soul evolution, since the soul lives eternally. This will be illustrated in detail through the case history covered in the book.

The external life experiences through which these emotions are experienced keep changing but the core emotional feelings underlying the varying experiences remain the same over the same life and over subsequent life-times.,
There are cyclical patterns in our lives that resurface, in different life circumstances and in varying gradations, until the soul overcomes the negative energy at all levels.
For example, if a soul plans a billionaires` life, it may encounter rejection arising out of envy, while in a pauper’s life, the soul may have to overcome rejection coming from disapproval.

During regression therapy, understanding a life pattern or finding the theme of life is ,generally required.. It helps us  decode the soul lessons behind repeated negative experiences of similar nature.

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