Saturday, 8 February 2014


The reality of life as viewed from the perspective of our soul is bound to be different than when viewed from the perspective of the body because our soul lives eternally. The soul views time in a continuum unlike our rational mind that is governed by limitations of the body which dies overtime.
The soul realizes that if one body dies, it can reincarnate in another body and continue on its journey of evolution.
A physical body is like a house, the soul chooses to inhabit for the period of a life-time. It is said that souls pass through different life-times as clouds pass through skies. Each life experience is meant to help the soul evolve to a higher dimension.
 In human bodies of different kinds, colours, creeds and genres, the soul plans a variety of experiences which help us evolve in unique ways.

One life for the soul is just like one step in its ladder of evolution. The difficulties which seem fatal when viewed from the vision of limited time and space of one life-time, appear as challenges to be overcome when viewed from the perspective of our eternal soul.


The Energy War

Understanding the working of this alternate reality that is, reality, as viewed from the perspective of the soul is particularly useful when everything in life appears to be going wrong, when one does not understand why life is taking the turns that it is and when the WHY ME syndrome takes over - often, deluding reasoning.

When we view our life-time as part of a journey and not as a one-time experience, then we can view difficulties as road blocks, driving through which enhances our expertise. Overcoming difficulties helps in soul evolution.

Realizing happiness in life for the soul is like winning an Energy War between negative energies which block our happiness by making us focus on fear and competition and the opposing positive energies within us. As souls, we seek to express our inner pure self freely so that we can experience joy and laughter while going through the walks of life. But, usually we lose the war when we live feeling stressed and die feeling diseased.

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