Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Life continues after the body dies,
the soul may go to heaven or remain in empty skies,
the choice is not determined by God but the spirit's own life
if the spirit believes God exists, it will make choices to be happy while alive
being in peace , good health are necessary to go to God's heavenly life

The concept that we continue to live after we die is not easy to comprehend. But, the fact that memories of past lives exist and working on them has a therapeutically healing effect, by itself , implies that there has to be a space where we live after we die on Earth and before we get reborn again. .This space is called the life-between-life plane. It has also been referred to as the celestial plane, heaven, the white Light, the Other Side etc.
The life-between-life space is considered to be our real home, whereas Earth is like a school where we come to learn some lessons and go back.  It is free of all negativities/ problems which arise due to limitations of time and space on the physical dimension.

Only positive frequencies can be experienced in the celestial plane as it is at a higher dimension. We have bodies as on Earth but they are made of a lighter substance/energy. We are connected with God all the time and we feel whole and loved, not alienated as on Earth, due to an illusion of separation.

In the life-between-life space, we have memories of all our incarnations on Earth and on other planes of the universe. In fact, we make the life plan for the next incarnation after reviewing the plan executed in the previous life. We take up those lessons in the next life which have been left unfinished in previous lives.

Life-between-life sessions are needed to find out conceptual details about the life-plan with the aim of understanding the main purpose of life. They also help to find out which emotional lesson is planned to be learnt when a problem is being encountered.

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