Monday, 24 February 2014


Learning any art is a slow process,
initially we imitate others, overtime we create original work
Creation of life is the same as creation of any art
initially we obey others on what or how to live,
overtime, we become advanced souls and learn to live in original/ our own terms

The soul takes birth in the human body to learn the art of mastering the process of creation on the physical dimension. By virtue of being the part of the Creator, the Soul is the Co-creator of the Universe.

The purpose of soul evolution is to help the soul become perfect in the art of creation so that it can evolve to think and act like the Creator in Oneness with the whole.
In this process of learning to create, the soul has to learn how to manipulate energies so as to mobilize them for creating a reality on the physical plane.
Focusing on positive energies helps the soul in mastering the art of creation while focusing on negative energies leads to destruction of the purpose of soul evolution.

The world which we take as given is actually a physical manifestation of this process of creation of which each soul is a part.

 The physical aspect of creation entails that we, as souls, are able to convert energies of negative frequencies into energies of positive frequencies. That means that we are able to convert our difficulties into learning lessons of creation so that they aid in the process of creation of a happiness which can be experienced through physical forms.

Our soul understands the process of creation on Earth by  investing its energies on pursuing its dreams. The desires which we all have are there to motivate us to create reality on the physical plane. The obstacles we face in attaining those desires help us overcome manifestations of negative energies in physical form.

Any situation which makes us feel negative is an energy of negative frequency and has to be converted into an energy of positive frequency.
When we can convert our unhappiness into happiness, we as souls are able to create what we desire to experience.
If we are able to defeat the negative energies, and create happiness for ourselves, we move upwards on the scale of evolution. As we become internally more positive/clear in our energy frequencies, we move closer to the high positive frequencies of the Creator.

The soul’s Higher Self helps it in mastering the art of creation by giving signals on which choices to make in life .However, the decisions on which path to choose while overcoming obstacles in life has to be practically taken by our soul itself  on the physical plane. Our Higher Self, in sync with the Creator can guide us but cannot interfere in our free will.

In the spiritual design, there is a hierarchy of structure wherein each soul has a free will which gives it the power to choose on how to evolve.  The right of free will ensures that our soul cannot be forced into following the path of God but has to learn to decide for itself which path is good for its own happiness.

Our Higher Self never forces its soul fragment to obey its command because if it did so, the soul would not understand the art of creation on its own and would always depend on the Higher power for assistance. Because of dependence, the soul would not be able to evolve on its own or match its intention with that of the Creator.

 However, the soul can find happiness in its life only when it makes choices which lead it to overcome negative energy and manifest positive energy as the Higher Self wants it to. If the soul makes choices which are not in alignment with its Higher Self, it would be like a cell making choices against the choices of the whole body.
If each cell wants to go in a different direction, the body would be in chaos and the cell would not find happiness either. So, evolution entails that the soul learns to master the process of creation such that it can create in sync with the plan of the Creator.

If we make the right choices, our individual happiness, would spread happiness in the world, as well, since each one of us is a part of the whole. Thus, if each unit of energy is happy, it necessitates that the energy would spread to make the overall quality of energy more positive.


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