Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Love is a union of body, mind and soul. Love is one of the highest vibrations as god represents love. God is the energy of ONENESS where all human beings are parts of one whole.

Love is a way of becoming one with another human being. It is the beginning of a merging process with the Creator. ALL SOULS SEEK TO MERGE IN THE LIGHT OF GOD after completing cycles of rebirth.
When the soul’s thinking matches completely with that of the Creator, it merges in the light of god as then the energy of god and the soul matches in all aspects. The body dissolves upon death.

If the thinking of the soul matches that of God, the soul’s energy goes into the energy of god just as a river merges into the ocean and becomes one with the ocean.

However, the person’s thinking doesn’t match with that of the Creator, the person cannot merge into the light of the Creator and has to enter another cycle of birth to purify its thinking to match the positive frequency of light.

A relationship of deep love with another person is like a relationship of deep love with god. The lovers see God in each other. The merging of bodies through sex is a complete merging of all energies as becoming one.
Some lovers see two snakes merging as one during sex as it is the merging of two souls.

 The moment of sexual orgasm when both partners release together into a halo of; light above their heads is a part of tantric salvation process. It is like two beakers of water falling into the ocean at the same time and becoming one. A combined sexual release completes the energy union and release as one into the light of God.

The image of god Shiva shows the pure water of Ganga releasing from the head... where he conquers the tiger under him – indicating that he conquers his sexual desire and releases the energy from the head as pure , holy water . The process of breathing up and exhaling from the back of head,  at the moment of orgasm transcends red energy into blue energy , and literally converts the restless energy of passion into a focused energy of  creativity .

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