Thursday, 10 April 2014


We live in a competitive society where we are trained to perform for survival. The human civilization in its evolution has not been very different from the animal world where only the fittest could survive.

However, this same law of Survival of the fittest has led to negativity in the human world. Unlike animals, human beings could do a lot of mind work, imagine and create.

Aeroplanes computes, mobiles are all inventions of the human genius which cannot be used in the animal world.

If we use the same principles of existence as animals do in the jungles, then we continue to live in an uncivilized manner. The law of the jungles still rules the human world and power or wealth rule over intellect and love.

All inventors, creative artists and people who have created a shift in human thinking have led very difficult lives. A few fought with the structure and created new ways of life but their life was beset with struggle and rejection. People like Thomas Edison who invented electricity or Shakespeare were repeatedly ridiculed. Jesus Christ was crucified. Socrates was poisoned.

Their positive energy spread only after they died when they did not have to be paid royalties. Other people gained from their hard work but the souls perished under pressure, at the moment of death.

There may have been several souls who had inventing abilities who could not bear this struggle and gave up in between to follow the laws of the conventional world. We may have lost on several inventions because human society followed a competitive structure.
In a competitive world, everyone has to conform to the same way of thinking as you can be best only when you do what everyone else is doing. You can win a race only if you run like the others do.
But if you are different and have a different style of working you cannot conform or fit in. Several children who have unique talents are suppressed in the competitive race.
For the world to evolve to being a happier place, we have to give up on being competitive. Each one has to be motivated to perform his or her own best and not an imitative best. Children should find joy in the work they do rather than work for marks or rewards.
It is feeling of joy which creates positive light in souls and helps them rise to their brightest soul frequency. If souls work only for external rewards, they do not care if they get inner joy from their work or not.
The soul becomes negative from the work it does, then it loses out on its purpose of life. The law of repetition starts operating as soon as the child starts thinking coherently and energies start getting repeated in life. Feelings keep repeating themselves and when negative feelings are not addressed or released, they create sores in the energy field of the body. All diseases and depressions occur because the soul focuses on feeling negative rather than getting joy from its choices in life.
The choice to be negative or positive is our own. If the competitive structure breaks down, we would not perform or dress to keep others happy and hence a lot of tension would reduce.

"From our soul’s perspective, we are taking unnecessarily challenging roads to happiness by seeking external success, money and power while grossly ignoring our soul needs of evolution.

Yet, empirical evidence proves that these traditional routes to success have failed in leading us into a happy world.
In spite of the technological kingdoms that our industrialists have created, we face the same jealousies, fears, betrayals and traumas as people did thousands of years back, for example, when Cleopatra was alive.
Kingdoms have largely been replaced by democracies and battlefields by boardrooms but the manipulative power games continue.
We seek to be successful managers, teachers or doctors without caring about whether the paths of success we pursue help us feel more content or compromised, within ourselves, as souls!
In the rat race to succeed, happiness is usually left far behind as we choose to be like rats running after cheese than peace, forgetting that we have evolved above being just animals.

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