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“Happiness cannot be limited to a person or a thing. Happiness is an internal feeling; and what you need from an external situation - through a person you love, a thing you desire, or a position you seek - is a means of satisfying that deep emotional longing which connects you to your purpose of life and to your soul’s positive state of being.”

There is a feeling which we seek to satisfy through indulging in any action which we may think we do to attain an externally desire. This feeling is called the intention behind an act.

Usually, a disparity exists between our intention, action and its consequence which is the main cause of stress and negativity in our lives.

This means that after the act is done, we realize that the consequence was not that which we had desired/intended initially. Hence even if we succeed, we continue to feel stressed and negative after a temporary feeling of euphoria.

For example, a person may work very hard to keep his family happy, but in the process may lose emotional contact with his family members and eventually may get separated from the family itself. If he had taken some time off and focused on his core desire, and whether or not his actions were leading to the desired outcome, he may have chosen a more congruent method to keep his family happy.

Whenever we feel helpless or victimized deep within, while pursuing a path, even if we are okay with the compromise, it is not the path for the soul.
Since the soul is a part of the Creator , we should always feel like a Creator on the path of the soul, not as a victim of circumstances.

A life is meant to help the soul evolve, but a life focused on satisfying short-term goals, which spread more negative energy than positive may lead to weakening of the soul.

For example, some people feel in control when they hit others.  Dev, the lead character in the book, ‘In Search Of Happiness; the soul’s perspective’, often did so. He often indulged in aggressive behavior to release the tension in his mind. It gave him short-term relief. But during therapy, when he looked deeper in his mind, he realized that this act was causing him greater stress than relief. It was an act, which he was compulsively drawn into like a drug and the more he indulged in it, the more he craved for it, and the more his stress increased at the soul level.

He was surprised to find that, internally, he was not getting the emotional satisfaction he was seeking by hitting other people. His soul did not desire a path of violence but his conscious mind thought that it did.

At the conscious level, the feeling he was seeking to satisfy was a need to feel powerful because he had a deep inner urge to feel powerful. But in his pursuit of power, he missed out on why the soul craved power

The soul craved for a feeling of power because that gave him the strength to fight against injustice. Fighting against injustice was his core soul mission.

So a conflict arose when Dev chose a method of pursuit of power by hitting others. He wanted to feel powerful like soldiers do. Hitting other people and defeating them is a historically accepted conventional method of seeking power.
But this conventional method which he came upon by following mass Earth thought was not the method which satisfied his soul needs. The soul’s very purpose of seeking power was defeated by the method chosen by his conscious mind to gain power.

It created negative vibrations within him which harmed his soul energies. The feeling of power that he got by defeating weaker people was accompanied by a feeling of emptiness and desperation.

So, Dev was never able to achieve the emotional satisfaction he was seeking whatever he did since all his actions were based on the belief that hitting others makes one powerful. He never found the kind of power the soul sought, because his whole thought pattern went against the soul’s purpose.

There was constant disharmony between the needs of the soul and the method his conscious mind chose to satisfy that need. To find the feeling of inner satisfaction that he desired, he needed to reflect on the method he was choosing to meet his innermost desires. At a conscious level, what he thought was an appropriate means of fulfilling his desires was not so at the soul level.

Like Dev, we do not focus on the fact that it is the method of pursuit which is important and not the goal by itself. In our pursuit of a goal, we choose to ignore the warning which our subconscious mind often gives us that even after attaining this goal, we may not get the emotional satisfaction we desired while pursuing this goal.

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