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The fear of injustice is created by the devil
reality is that we create what we beleive exists
if we are told there is injustice and we beleive it
we will keep manifesting sadness in our life because we beleive it exists
if we believe there is harmony and love, so it will be
when partners change or parents betray, it is  karmic
karmic debts get cleared thru pain and happiness rises
sacrificing priorities is necessary to be one with God's definition of being happy

There is divine justice in God’s world.  This statement is true if we view life from God’s Perspective.

The soul is a part of God. If we view the God as the Sun , the soul is a ray of the sun. Several souls radiate from the light of the Creator and merge back into the Oneness after their journey of life is complete.
Everything that the soul creates on Earth is a concept of the mind. The soul cannot see, hear, touch on its own. Just as a person creates a car to move faster, the soul creates the body to move in the physical dimension.

From the perspective of the soul, life is an illusion, a film which the soul experiences through being in the physical body. The soul by itself is of a  positive frequency but it experiences negativity when it enters the physical body.

Negativity as experienced on earth cannot be felt on the celestial dimension. The feelings of injustice, revenge, anger , Pain and difficulties we go through on Earth are created by our own inner vibration.
The more we experience negativity, the more light we have to create within us to overcome it. We connect to God as the source of inner light when we encounter negativity.

Divine justice happens because we take back the light we radiate in the same life at the level of feelings and over life times at the level of material or Earthly manifestations.
For example, if a  soul has been an abuser or a murderer, he  would feel negative while killing. He may kill for the need of achieving justice for himself but the act of killing would be brutal and would involve the use of negative energy.

Typically, the soul who kills connects to those he kills at an energy level and subconsciously takes over their karma . Soon, the abuser soul would have to repay the karma of all those people he kills to feel happy himself.
Till he repays that karma, the karmic debt would weigh upon him and not allow him to be haPPy.
People who kill for revenge or justice rarely feel satisfied after the act because they pick up energies of  the souls of those murdered inside their own body and feel more negative subsequently.

Even if a  God comes down and kills the dark forces, he would have to repay the purpose of life of all those who had to leave their journey of life because of him . The God would then ensure that justice is given to people and happiness spreads so that the negative energy created by killing is transcended by radiance of positive energy of a greater magnitude . The only way to evacuate darkness is to switch on light bulbs.
The souls who are unjustly treated get payback over lifetimes if they start viewing life in terms of soul happiness and not by  how it is ritualistically defined.

For example, if you are cheated of money and roved that you are worthless by an abusive soul, then you can go to a monastery or live a simple life to maintain your peace inside. If you indulge in revengeful feelings, you would become an abuser yourself and be more negative than the abuser. But if you allow him to get away, you will pass on all your karmic responsibilities to him. If he does not repay you directly, he will repay others in same positions as you and suffer till the karmic debt is cleared.

 By connecting To God, you will radiate the positive energy of the spirit and meet your responsibilities through the energy plane than taking active part on the physical plane as by meditation or healing on spreading peace, God awareness etc. By taking away your rights and your work, the abuser would ensure that you have no karmic duties left . Hence, you can just resign and be at God's service till you are told by God to rise again in a  peaceful manner .
The more you fight, the more you will fuel the cycle of disharmony . But the more you surrender to God, the more you will allow God to show you the math of light. This process will help you merge with the energy and thinking of God and be a part of the Creator .

Tolerating abuse and staying with the abuser feeling victimized would not get you justice as you will continuously be feeling trampled over. The only way to justice is by feeling positive within. When you feel  positive inside yourself as  soul, you radiate positive light and your spirit rises to rule over your body.
But if you keep getting defeated and feeling weak , you allow the abusers to rule over your body as his or her thinking now determines your karma . Therefore, abusing and tolerating abuse are both considered as karmically negative under DIVINE JUSTICE.

God gives justice by taking away health and happiness from those who are negative and increasing peace and healthy in the life of those who strive to remain positive.

Your feelings at the moment of death determine the pattern of your next life,. If you live your life behaving like a dog, your next life will be that of a  dog as your soul would devolve to working for basic needs . If you live your life like a God or a  saint, where you forgive others and spread love, and die happy at the moment of death , your next life will be in a  higher positive dimension. But if you love like a saint and die feeling crucified, you may die feeling angry and anger may rule over your next few lives till you can create  a life where you die  feeling non defeated and in peace . You will reach a higher dimension only if you die feeling positive, peaceful, harmonious and  content  as aligned with God.

As is explained in my book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR
“The soul before it begins its journey in the universe is a part of the whole quantum of life force energy which can be referred to as the Light or Oneness. This Oneness can be visualized as one whole big soul. When parts of it segregate, they form little individual souls. Initially the individual soul has no awareness of its distinct identity as separate from the whole.
       The soul starts developing its own unique consciousness when it mentally separates from the Light while physically continuing to be a part of the whole. In this way, the soul forms an illusory wall of belief around itself wherein it believes that it is single or alone in the world and is not connected to the Creator.
      This conceptual separateness helps in soul evolution as when the soul feels it is single, it is forced to take individual responsibility for its choices and whatever that creates in its life.
      From the soul’s perspective, by taking responsibility of overcoming obstacles and creating happiness in its life, it becomes powerful.

      The process of individualization involves soul evolution. From a higher perspective, the positive intention behind training the soul to take responsibility of its own life is that it would no longer blindly blame a higher consciousness for things going wrong in its existence.
       If we are aware that we are a part of the Creator and not puppets in the hands of God, we would not use phrases like –‘ Why is God making me suffer ? Where was God when I was going through trauma etc.’

      With awareness that we are a part of a bigger plan of evolution, we would know that difficulties are planned by us at the soul level or created by our negative focus and learn how to use them for our growth, than escape learning of soul lessons by blaming God.

      As the soul passes through different life experiences, its awareness of being an entity, by itself, develops. It understands how it contributes to the whole process of creation.
            Metaphorically, the soul’s experience is the same as that of a single cell when separated from the whole body. The qualities and functions of the individual soul and a single cell are similar in several ways. Each single cell is a part of the whole organ, and yet distinct.

            Similarly, the soul is a part of its Higher Self, which is like an organ in the body of the Creator and yet has a distinct identity. Also, each cell has a unique function in the body and needs to function optimally while working in synchronicity with other cells so that the whole body functions optimally. Similarly, the soul has a unique contribution in the universe and needs to learn how to co-exist with other souls while evolving itself so that the universe as a whole evolves.

            The individual soul developing consciousness is like the individual cell developing a sense of responsibility for its contribution in maintaining the whole body. Whenever the soul experiences negativity it seeks to overcome it. For overcoming negative experiences the soul has to manifest better forms of its own existence. In this process, it is forced to improve its contribution in the whole process of creation.
            The journey of the soul can be perceived as going in a circle. The soul separates from the Oneness to learn the art of creation on its own, then it seeks to evolve with each life and when the soul becomes highly evolved, it seeks to integrate with the Oneness again. However, when it integrates again in the Oneness, the soul can make a more powerful contribution than it could have when it separated.
            After experiencing several lives, the soul consciousness rises to being highly evolved. Through evolving in consciousness, the soul gets fine tuned for higher purposes of creation.  Then, the soul proceeds to learn how to evolve greater forms of creation as a collective consciousness, which cannot possibly be created by a single unit of existence. “


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