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karma is energy we create through our soul vibrations
we create positive energy and negative energy as we breathe impulses
every breath has an electric impulse which creates a feeling 
if we feel positive positive karma is created
if we feel negative negative karma is created
negative karma stays as karmic debt in our aura
the karmic debt has to be repaid by converting negative into positive
we plan soul tests where we have to convert negative feelings into good energy
if we hurt others we take revenge against ourselves in order to repay their suffering

We all feel hurt and betrayed by various people over a life. Usually, the biggest abuses come from close relations – like parents, siblings, lovers, wife or husband.

The soul plans its life on Earth before being born in heaven. Usually encountering difficult circumstances is a part of the life plan as the soul seeks to overcome the negative energy and become positive.
The soul is a positive life force and it incarnates on Earth to become more positive by creating a life it desires on Earth. The soul brightens its life force by converting negative energy into positive. Soul Light glows brighter when darkness converts into light.

Usually, once on Earth we plan to learn how to be positive by experiencing challenges and overcoming them. We do not have a conscious memory of our life plan or our previous lives. Yet, all that which happens in our life is a carryover from our life plan and the karmic debt from previous lives.
People tend to run away from difficulties but cannot run away from relationships. Hence, the most difficult challenges are planned in relationships which we cannot escape. One the soul lesson is learnt, the relationships break away and the soul becomes peaceful.
Usually, karmic debts are repaid by being born in a family which the soul abused in an earlier life. 

For example, if a soul was a murdered in a previous life and killed three people, it may be born in a family where those three people are its parents and brother /sister.
The soul may plan to suffer death repeatedly by this people in order to repay the karma of murder. Each time the soul is severely abused by his parents or sibling it is like experiencing a death by the soul. The physical death is repaid by a series of emotional deaths.
This helps the abused soul learn the lessons of patience forgiveness and compassion.
Another way of suffering and repaying karma is when the soul plans to get murdered by the souls it killed. But, usually if a murder is repaid by another murder, the soul fails to learn its soul lessons and revengeful feelings rise whenever the soul is murdered. If a soul is murdered in one life, it may want to murder the person in the next life and may become more negative.
The cycle of taking revenge may continue over life times.
Instead  if the soul plans revenge against itself , it may plan to get hurt repeatedly till it becomes immune to negative people and moves away from them.

Methods of Karma Repayment

Karma is a measure of energy exchange. It is the amount of positive energy created versus the amount of negative energy created in the thought process accompanying an activity. If more negative energy is created, we, as souls, create a negative energy pool in which we fall or devolve. The negative karma thus created has to be converted back into neutral or positive for soul evolution or for realizing happiness. Otherwise, in the negative energy pool, we keep attracting negative energy in the form of situations which create sadness, hurt, depression, anger, fear etc...

According to the karmic law, there are two methods of karma repayment or karmic balancing –

The first method is that the soul chooses to suffer itself in the same way as it made another soul suffer previously i.e. if it was an abuser in a past life; it chooses to be a victim in the present life.
For example, if a soul is a slave-owner in a life and abuses slaves, it chooses to be a slave in the next life and gets abused.
This step is necessary to help the soul understand that it committed a mistake by hurting another soul, which it may not realize automatically.
In the initial stages of evolution, the soul is young or less evolved. It is like a small child. When the small child hits another child, it does not usually, realize it hurts unless it is hit back. So, the soul chooses to get hit back so that it realizes the effect of its action on others.

However, if the soul, when victimized, can ignore/neutralize the hurt as it receives it by learning positive thinking techniques like meditation, tolerance, patience, compassion, forgiveness etc. ; it would be able to break the karmic cycle then and there by its  positive focus.
 It would emit positive energy which would help it come out of the negative loop.
Also, by facing the trauma of abuse, the soul would know inherently that this method of pursuing power is humiliating to others; and therefore, is a wrong method to pursue. Henceforth, it would shift its focus to achieving its purpose, through another method which is more positive. In this process, of finding another method, it would learn its soul lessons.

 Suffering, usually, does not ensure karmic pay-back. Self-realization of cause and effect takes a long time to come. Meanwhile, suffering leads the soul to feel more negative in the short run, leading it to indulge in revengeful acts. So, with suffering as the repayment method chosen, the karmic cycle can continue endlessly unless a higher level of realization comes into the soul with evolution.

In the second method of repayment of karma, to repay karma, the soul has to create as much positive energy for another soul as it had created negative energy by indulging in abuse.  For example, if the soul had enslaved other people, it may choose to become a missionary and help slaves or rescue them, in the next life.

This step of karmic repayment can get activated only when the soul evolves to a higher level of consciousness, and can empathize with other souls. Continuing on the above example, a small child cannot help another child who is hurt but an older child can. While protecting other children, the older child would understand that hitting is wrong, and therefore, choose not to hit itself. That way it would learn its soul lesson, without getting directly hurt itself.

This second method of karma repayment, usually, involves a focus on healing other souls, which one harmed in the abuser’s life and not suffering itself.
 The soul still has to suffer itself in some way, since it has a negative karmic debt. But, the form of abuse mellows, because of the life-plan.
For example, physical abuse may get converted into emotional abuse, i.e., if this soul had humiliated other souls by beating or raping them in a past life, it may face humiliation of the same kind in this life but without getting beaten up or raped. The humiliation would be experienced at the level of feelings and not physically, like by being unfairly rebuked, bullied or scolded.
The emotional suffering in place of physical suffering ensures that extreme negative feelings like revenge remain under control while positive feelings like patience, tolerance and compassion develop. Hence, the focus can remain on helping other souls

The second step is usually adopted by the souls in their life-plan when the first method fails. Whenever we get a chance, we take revenge and hence, abuse again. So, the karmic cycle continues when our focus remains on our suffering. The more we suffer, the more we multiply the energy of suffering as it gets reinforced with constant focus.
When we heal other souls, the pattern of suffering breaks as we start focusing on a different aspect of thinking.
To be able to do this, before choosing to act, we have to understand the intention behind the act, and then, make the choice of whether to act or not.

If we want to get rid of a  soul in our life because s/he is abusive it is better to move away through separation or divorce than take revenge because if we take revenge, we would focus on the other soul and increase his/her hold on our mind. Breaking away brings peace and justice than taking revenge than abusing or murdering other souls because when we break away from negative people, we move into a dimension of happiness.
Metaphorically, the situation of the soul in a karmic loop can be compared to a student failing in a class and repeating the same class again and again.
 As the student keeps repeating mistakes, the soul keeps repeating lives with the same karmic pattern. Just as the student can pass only when it makes an effort to study in a more responsible manner, the soul can move up the evolutionary scale only when it learns its soul lessons, and can create positive energy in place of the negative karma it had created, i.e. correct its mistakes.

However, if the soul does not get over its belief that it has to suffer because it has sinned, it only keeps suffering life after life but does not rectify its mistakes. Past life therapy helps because the soul like the student suddenly becomes aware that it made the same mistakes in the past, as it is doing now.  By realizing that the methods he used did not help him create happiness for itself or others in earlier lives, it may choose to change.
But, the choice remains with the person.

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