Thursday, 24 April 2014


As souls, we take birth in a body to create life a part of the Creator. Earth is like a learning game where we build forms of life to experience energies of creation. Energies are felt through our feelings. When we feel good, we experience forms of positive energies.
All positive energies are manifestation of The Creator. The Creator is a powerful being of positive energies. Every positive and powerful feeling takes us closer to our soul mission and every negative feeling or feeling of compromise takes us away from the thinking of the Creator.

Prostitution involves compromise for money. The buyer compromises love when he accepts sex for money while the prostitute feels like dead meat being eaten for flesh.
Sex is an act of love. Love takes us closer to the creator when it is pure and involves happiness. When lovers have sex, they feel secure with each other. There is no feeling of being used or fear of being abused. There is emotional dependability of each other and a sense of responsibility. Lovers feel compassion for each other’s problems, experience joy in each other’s company, get involved in activities where they are creatively together like sharing films, thoughts, outings, lovemaking etc. True lovers find peace and happiness in each other’s presence even in complete silence.

Sex between lovers involves an experience of a variety of positive emotions like joy, compassion, creativity, passion, responsibility, dependability, security, peace and happiness.

The soul experiences life to increases its positive energy and the more it feels positive, the more its positive frequency rises. Love makes the soul experience intense positivity in moments of complete pleasure and surrender. The actual act of sexual love involves surrender of identity as we surrender with God in the faith that we are secure and admired. The moment of orgasm is where the soul experiences complete thoughtlessness and can be one in the light of God.

When the soul is completely positive at the moment of thoughtlessness, the point of orgasm creates an opportunity for merging with the Creator. If the couple experience orgasm together, they merge at the point of thoughtlessness and in the light of god, as in Tantric Sex. The couple visualizes a light at the top the head and releases energy as one being in two bodies  entering the light, it breathes in the light and spreads the life force throughout its body. This process releases the Creator’s life force in the body and radiates power which leads to soul ascension.

Prostitution on the other hand gives momentary relief from frustration as smoking does but leaves negative side effects.

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