Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Love happens to every normal human being who is not insistently a machine. Love is a feeling of high dimensional energy which vibrates with God.
God is the highest expression of love and happiness. Whenever we feel love or happiness, peace or faith, we move closer to God.

Humans evolve as souls to becoming closer to God. The evolution happens through feelings.
Love takes us closer to God as it involves ups and downs of emotions. Emotions are energies. Energies make the soul vibrate.
We as souls incarnate on Earth to feel energy movement. Emotional upheavals and traumas are stored in the soul memory more than good events of life. That is because the soul incarnates to experience negative energies through negative emotional encounters.

When we can convert this negative experience into a positive soul lessons, the negative energy transcends into positive and we evolve above that dimension.
All the challenges we experience in relationships help us encounter negativity so that we can convert it into positivity.

We attract partners with whom we have karma from previous lives. The partners we love belong to the same realm as we exist in. They face the same survival issues that we do at the time of pour life. Experiencing the same difficulties creates an energy resonance and the partners get pulled by each other. For example, if we put water in a beaker of water, it gets absorbed. But if we put water on a stone, it gets rejected.

Similarly, if we love a person whose energy is like ours we feel absorbed but if we love a person who is like stone to us we feel rejected.

As we learn our soul lessons feeling optimistic, we become more and more positive and brighter in soul frequency.
If our partner evolves with us, she or he would continue to make us feel loved and love us.
However if our partner does not evolve with us we would start feeling rejected often.
That is because as we evolve, we become more flexible in our approach and the partner appears rigid like stone.

People fall out of love if they evolve at different speeds and one partner becomes much evolved compared to the other or they may evolve in different directions.
For example, if a man marries a woman when he is poor and she is poor, they can fall out of love when their financial status improves.

That happens because the common thread of understanding that they shared because both did not have abundance, breaks down. If one person starts feeling successful and the other person continues to feel low in confidence, the relationship collapses due to lack of understanding or energy matching.

On the other hand if one person becomes spiritually much evolved and the other person remains materialistically ambitions, then also the relationship breaks down because both start focusing energies in different directions.
Love in a relationship can survive only if there are similar problems both encounter and both find happiness in similar things. If the perspective of what is a problem changes, love cannot remain because the energy frequency mismatches.

If we continue with a marriage or a love affair after the understanding has vanished, then we constantly feel rejected. Feeling rejected makes us feel negative e and that pulls down our soul frequency. As the soul evolves it flies like a kite. If the soul is tied to a person who is like a stone then she or he feels like a kite tied down to a stone. The person seeks freedom from a relationship which binds his or her evolution.

Usually if this person starts meditating. She or he finds that he is in love with another person who is at the same or higher level of evolution than he is. The soul seeks to be with this new person who matches his energy.
If the person allows himself to trust God, she or he would divorce by allowing circumstances to take over. 

Money or alimony would not be a problem in a divorce where soul evolution is at stake. The spiritually evolved person is easily able to let go as she or he knows that money is an instrument to gain happiness and not an end in itself. The fear of loss subsides as the person evolves.

Children usually are unhappy in a marriage where the partners are tense with ach other and prefer staying with one parent than both parents who resent each other. Children need love and peace than a man and wife living together. As long as their financial needs are met and they feel emotionally loved by a parents, they do not require parents staying together. 

Usually when partners feel rejected by each iother, they keep arguing and the negativity passes onto the children. Children like the partner who is progressive in approach than orthodox. It is possible that one partner remains quiet in order to avoid an argument but in that case, the children feel suppressed than validated. Divorce helps kids live in peace also than in fights.  If these persons can rise above society’s fears, she or he would be able to divorce and move on to higher dimensions.

In the second relationship if both evolve together, the marriage or love affair will continue. But, if one person evolves at a greater speed than the other, it would break down sooner than the first one.

However, an evolving soul would seek love and oneness as love takes us closer to God. Therefore, she or he would attract relationships till she finds a partner who can evolve with her and then a deeper understanding of life can come about.

Giving up on love leads to heart problems and black hole in the heart. In intermediate stages, it is better to love God as a spirit than be negative about love. As long as we love a soul, we love God and our faith in goodness lives on.

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