Saturday, 5 April 2014


Our soul is the life force in the body. The body is the packet and the soul is the light within. Without the soul the body is meaningless.
Our life is planned by our soul for achieving a  specific purpose. The purpose of life is unique for each individual but works on generalized principles.

The soul come son Earth to learn the art of creation in the physical dimension. The physical dimension as Earth is an amalgamation of positive and negative energies . The negative energies as experienced on Earth cannot be deciphered on the non physical dimensions as heaven or other planets. Our body is like a car in which we, as souls, sit to drive the path on Earth . Our body is a physical channel which helps us access other physical energies.

All the diseases we face, are a part of the challenges faced by the soul while learning the art of creation on Earth.
The diseases are a sign than the body is facing negativity and the  soul is getting negative feedback while making its choices . The diseases indicate that the person needs to think positively about its choices or change iots choices on life so that it can be positive.

All diseases come when the person feels predominantly negative about some aspect of life .
For example, asthma comes when a person feels suffocated in speaking his mind out. This person feels helpless as if drowning with the pressures of life , unable to stay alive freely and collapses at intervals to regain strength.

Cancer comes when the person stores anger in the body and chooses to dwell on it than let go . The  person feels helpless about the situation and immunity fails in the body as an indication of the helplessness.
Diabetes comes when there is guilt stored in the body. The person feels that s/he is not performing as expected and feels unloved while blaming himself .

Sinusitis comes when there are constant conflicts in the mind and the person chooses to follow other people’s thinking than listen to his own inner voice and follow a different path.

Blood pressure problems arise when the person becomes too excited about triviatlites and gets stuck in details. The person suppresses anger and release negative hormones in the body in a zeal to perform in society  being driven by competition. The person spends time on meeting a ritualistic definition of happiness and does not seek to find calmness as through meditation.

All problesm can be traced to a mental cause and healed by choosing to think positively about the situation we feel helpless about; like eczema indicates feeling constantly irritated, indigestion indicates being unable to digest some ideas being imposed constipation indicates storing past hurts and unable to let go, spondylitis indicates choosing to carry unnecessary burdens, spinal problems indicate choosing to focus on financial problems , materialism over spiritualism etc.

Every disease indicates to the person that s/he is making choices  which are taking him in a  negative direction , away from the main purpose of life. Medicines or surgery suppress diseases in one aspect but the thought pattern continues and the disease manifests in other organs.

Though surgery and medicines help as a last resort, they may lead to complacency , compromise and an inability to think differently. Short cut treatments give quick results but take the soul away from feeling positive or changing choices as the soul needs to be happy.

Alternative methods of treatment are longer but more beneficial in life  like naturopathy, energy healing, Reiki, Pranic healing, past life therapy spirit release , meditation ,connecting to spirit guides and angels , NLP etc are far more effective in helping the person recover from physical problems and choose to think positively.

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