Thursday, 3 April 2014


Revenge is an intense emotion which makes us act in anger,
But revenge is futile as a means to be free from the abuser,
We need peace to be free from attach of the negative,
Revenge makes us think like the abuser and makes us be him or her,
We lose our peace of mind in a zeal to seek revenge,
We become more attached negatively to the energy of the abuser,

To get peace, we seek to detach our energies from that of the abuser,
Detachment is possible only when we become immune to the influence of a terror,
By raising our soul frequency to become closer to the Creator...
Thru meditation we train our mind to stay positive in face of danger,
Slowly the energy shifts its hold and negativity washes away,
We stop feeling negative and hence, do not attract more filth from an abuser

We cannot blindly depend on rain for water, similarly we cannot blindly
Depend on prayer to save us,
We have to seek God within us and create happiness by moving away from any negative doer,
Killing the negative person cannot save us from the energy of his negative thoughts,
When the negative person dies, thoughts stay alive and travel to another,
We can only prevent the negative from attacking by not focusing on it,
When life force of the soul stops reinforcing a thought process,
Slowly the negative energy loses its hold and our soul cleanses itself,

A negative person is more foolish than a happy person but does not know it,
To get entangled with stupid people only makes us more stupid than wise,
A person who seeks to become negative in order to kill another negative,
Strengthens the dark forces by increasing the quantum of the negative

Negative people have to be extinguished in vacuum by not giving them light, power or life
Revenge is successful only when the negative person becomes positive and grows in intelligence,
Only when we can transcend negativity into positive energy,
Can the negative stop affecting us as a whirlpool of energy,

Happiness is in being at peace irrespective of the influences of another,
If we encounter meanness or foolishness, it is part of our soul evolution on Earth to overcome it,

Revenge is a desire of the soul to teach other souls a lesson,
But it is a misguided action because the intention is to teach another something good and positive about living,
Anger can be controlled and redirected by aligning INTENTION- ACTION – CONSEQUENCE

When we think and act, we would save ourselves from drowning when  the current is flowing towards the negative than flow with it and kill our soul in anger,

The soul is a positive life force and stays in body only when we feel good,
If we feel negative, our positive life force cannot stay in us and life becomes stressed, diseased or mechanical automatically,
To be happy and in peace, it is necessary to stay healthy and be wise,
And not get carried away by insults from people who we know are stupid

Happiness is a choice and  is not dependent on eternal circumstances,
Difficulties come as part of learning our soul lessons of evolution
We have to move on towards becoming more positive with our life choices
Seasons change but we carry umbrella in rain not stop walking

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