Saturday, 22 March 2014


Evil rises when we seek to copy others
we want to be like other people who are rich or acclaimed
usually, such people are only measured by their money
that they may be unloved or unhappy is not counted
yet happiness comes only when we feel loved, healthy and in peace,
if we seek to be happy , we have to destroy dark force thinking

Evil thinking passes from one person to another by negative thought waves which spread like virus. Any negative thought which pulls down a person’s confidence and makes himher feel defeated is EVIL, as it is opposite of LIVE . God represents optimism, happiness and hope while EVIL represents defeat, sadness and compromise.

Human life is difficult largely because there are problems with relationships amongst people.
Every family or work place has at least one person who creates unrest for everyone around. If everything is running smoothly, this one person will complain, crib and scold everyone to create heartbreaks.

 Such a person is usually as inefficient as everyone else but she or he shouts loudly, abuses and hence, convinces everyone that she is the perfect, indispensable person around and all the rest are not performing as they should. This person makes all around him or her unhappy. Each person feels sad, helpless and victimized because of this one dominating bully who pretends to be a holy saint.

Usually, this person is in authority and is a matriarch or patriarch in a family or the head of a unit. This person is successful or proclaims so all the time, while pointing failures of all others.
If this person is not around, the self esteem of all the other people under his supervision rises because negative pressure goes away.
This person usually gives suggestions which he thinks are very useful but are not as good when viewed from an outsider’s perspective. Thought, this person thinks she is indispensable, other people are able to manage peacefully when this bully takes a vacation. Monarchs like ADOLF HITLER are extreme examples of such a person.

From a soul’s perspective, this person is infected with a dark virus of energy. The soul is a positive life force and it has to convert negative energies on Earth to increase its soul power. As the soul converts darkness onto light, its vibrational soul frequency rises.

The bullying person usually lives in a vicious circle of negativity himself when he seeks to find the negative in every aspect of life. He thinks it is his duty to correct everyone and is conditioned into negative thinking. This person sees wrong in a person and cribs about it while ignoring the positive aspects of a person or a situation. He feels that life is a compromise and advises everyone else to stop being optimistic and compromise as he has compromised.

This person is a dark force. He works against God’s thinking even if he proclaims to be holy and wise. It is usually his words of self praise which make other people feel inferior whereas his actions fail to spread positivity as he claims.

A vicious circle of negativity is a situation when a person is so focused on the negative aspects of life, that he believes that reality can only be a compromise, that pursuit of happiness is a fantasy and that the existence of God is doubtful.
Such a person cannot believe in any talk on optimism, or any lectures on positive thinking, because he is too caught up within his own whirlpool of thoughts, to be able to look beyond it.
Since this person is always focused on negative feelings, he always creates a negative reality for herself/himself. This person lives in a difficult situation. His life is beset with problems. He is usually angry, sad or depressed and may have some chronic health problems as well. He keeps planning for future problems and hence co-creates them.”

THIS PERSON CANNOT BE KILLED OR DESTROYED IN BODY as his thoughts are negative. Even if s/he dies, the thought waves which govern him continue to rule.
The negative feelings spread like a virus. They create doubt in one person and he passes the doubt to another person, then the third and so on.

ONLY SOUL EVOLUTION, CONNECTION WITH GOD and belief in spirituality can help destroy such a person’s domination. As the soul seeks to stay positive inspite of sarcastic comments by this dominating dark force, overtime, his negative control becomes insignificant.

Dark forces survive by increasing ambitions, temptations, despair, grief, fear, anger, impatience etc till the person can no longer handle it. The person ruled by the dark forces loses sense of reasoning. S/he is overtaken by pleasing the sense organs and does not focus on whether the desires he pursues lead to feeling content at the soul level or not.

Through remaining thoughtless in meditation, the soul becomes free of negative thoughts which he picks up from the bully’s thinking. As the person evolves, he becomes immune to the pessimistic thinking of the negative infected thought virus. The person frees himself when he can undo his negative conditioning which makes him believe and obey the bully blindly and he becomes positive as he understands what s/he needs for his own survival as against what the bully thinks he needs. The soul evolves to being happy as the person strives to develop his/her own original thinking

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