Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Earth is a school where souls comes to learn
Real home is on the celestial plane when we return
Difficulties and negative circumstances have to be overcome to learn
When we cross over a problem staying happy, we evolve to the next grade

Soul lessons are like different subjects a student has to learn to pass a grade like English, history, science etc. to be able to go to a higher level class. The life-plan is made such that the soul keeps encountering instances where it has to apply its soul lessons.

For example, the soul may want to learn to master the lesson of patience in one life-time. Therefore, it would make a life-plan in which circumstances are created where she repeatedly encounters impatience and is forced to develop patience.

To illustrate - if learning patience is the main soul lesson chosen, then the soul’s main challenge would be to defeat the energy of impatience from making it feel negative and leave its path to happiness.

 The life-plan would be made to ensure that the lesson of patience comes up in all aspects of his life. So, he may have interruptions in his career more than other people whose lesson is not patience. In his business, his work force may be difficult or his machines may break down often. Because of his plan of learning, he may have difficult kids as well who cause him delays. Additionally, he may meet the red light very often on the road while hurrying to make up for lost time. He may be born with a tendency to obesity so that he has to apply patience to exercise to slim down.

As a soul, he has to learn to apply patience. If everything was happening perfectly, there would not be any need to apply patience and he would not be able to learn this soul lesson. The person is forced to encounter the negative energy of impatience repeatedly till he masters it and transcends it to patience, an energy of a positive frequency. Only when this person learns patience would he be able to achieve his goals and feel respected from within.

But, the negative energy of impatience is not easy to master. It would keep pulling the person’s mind in the opposite direction, and make him act against the soul plan. In this process of a tussle between the negative and the positive, this person may become impatient and choose short-cuts to success and power. Thus, he may start using wrong means of making money, exploit his work-force, become a criminal, and even abusive towards his children.
The person may become materially successful by using the wrong means but the soul’s purpose of incarnation would remain unfinished. The person would not feel respected and would not be able to create happiness with his success for himself or others. By choosing actions which create negative energy, the soul would create negative karma for itself. To find happiness, it would have to pay a karmic debt to the souls it harms in order to neutralize the negative energy it created.

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