Monday, 24 March 2014


Sexual desire is not a crime
as long as the intention leads to sharing respect, responsibilty and commitment
any criminal act is that which is irresponsible
if responsibilty isnt the issue, stealing or theft would not be a crime either 

Sex IS A HUMAN PRIMARY NEED BUT IT IS ALSO THE ROAD TO SALVATION. In its base primal instincts, sex connects us to animals. But, in its highest expressions, sex leads to love, passion and oneness with the bliss of God.

Animal sex is irresponsible sex. Though the powerful animals like lions maintain a herd and one spouse, the lower animals have rampant sex and children. The monkeys and dogs have been known to eat their kids when threatened with survival.

GOD symbolizes responsibility. God takes care of all his children with utmost love and compassion. God also symbolizes happiness, bliss, abundance, heaven and peace.

When we have sex with responsibility, we take care of our children as God does. We have one spouse and we evolve as we sacrifice our individuality to maintain oneness in the family .As we become more powerful as souls, our sense of responsibility rises.

Irresponsible sex takes us to a lower frequency as that of lower animals where life is a struggle for survival. It makes us escape soul lessons as we find thrill in that moment of sex and choose to brood on unhappiness the rest of the day. Sex without true love is like smoking or drugs. It gives momentary satisfaction but leads to release of unhappy mood swings later. The hormonal high cools down and there is a release of negative hormones in the bloodstream which harms health as do smoking, alcohol or drug addiction.

Any high which is temporary cannot give permanent satisfaction. It is a transitory reward by the devil as it leads us away from feeling optimistic about life. People who have irresponsible sex usually compromise with every aspect of life as the lower animals do.  They may be rich or poor but their predominant focus of life is on survival, escaping and struggle.

On the other hand, people who have responsible sex and love their spouse deeply find fulfilment in relationships. They have companionship, and evolve together with understanding. They sacrifice with pleasure so that they can together rise to a higher level of bliss.  Commitment and responsibility take the souls closer to God’s thinking and hence, increase the power of the souls. People who have love and truth in their loves struggle less and have greater faith in God. Inner power rises when soul energy is pure and can radiate life force, trust and love.

Sex always involves an energy exchange. We take on the energies of souls we have sex with. Thought waves pas in all human encounters from one mind to another and more in intense encounters. When we have sex with people who are unhappy themselves, we feel very sad sometime after the sexual act. Usually, after sex with prostitutes, people feel broken and used inside because the prostitutes themselves feel so.
People go for sex to get a release from frustration but their frustration rises after the encounter as unhappy thought waves pass on.

A deeply satisfying sexual relationship which can give us a release from frustration can only exist where there is true love and an ability to sacrifice for the other. When we sacrifice, we break walls of rigid thinking and merge with a higher consciousness of love.
God represents the highest consciousness of love, peace and happiness and the more love we can create in our life, the more peace and happiness we feel automatically.

Sex in love is pure and leads to increased happiness as long as the intention is responsible. The person needs to use sex to become closer to the other person and not as a release to frustration. A person feels loved after sex when she is not used as a dustbin but is worshipped as a radiator of love. The woman seeks to feel protected after sex traditionally while a man seeks to feel comforted as if enveloped in love.

Sex can lead to bliss only when there is complete trust that the other person will protect and comfort with respect. Surrender is possible only when trust is absolute and thinking matches. If two people think very differently, sex cannot offer true support as they cannot protect or comfort each other as their choices in life would not match.

At the point of orgasm as at the point of death, a window opens in the mind wherein we are completely thoughtless. If we think of God at the moment of absolute thoughtlessness and feel complete bliss, we merge in the light of God. That is the principle of Tantric sex. It is said that 100 days of regular tantric sex leads to salvation and eternal bliss as symbolized by the union of Shiva- Parvati.

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