Monday, 3 March 2014


To be angry can be one of our greatest weaknesses
Yet we can get over ruled if we do not defend ourselves
to be stress free in case of experiencing anger
helps us be at peace even if other people yell or err
to be in peace as a habit is necessary to curb the increasing need to indulge in anger

Anger creates stress. Stress releases negative hormones in the body. The negative hormones act like slow poison and harm the organs.
Stress release meditation helps to be free of stress for a few minutes, so that the intensity of negative energy flow in the body reduces.

The exercise given below is a short cut which can be used on a routne basis.
For best results, do this exercise as soon as you get up early morning or before sleeping at night.

•       Sit up with your spine/backbone straight or Lie down in a comfortable position.
•       Close your eyes.
•       Imagine that you are leaving your body and flying up
to the skies.
•       Feel yourself floating freely in the clouds. Soar you wings and fly higher. Feel the freedom as you fly up through layers of clouds.
•       Imagine entering a halo of brilliant white light. Feel the light cleansing you like a shower of pure water.
Feel the stress releasing from your body.
•       Feel black smoke leaving your body and imagine that your cells are glowing with the brilliance of white light. Imagine black balls of smoke leaving your feet.
•       Feel a white cloud of pure life force filling you up and imagine your fingers glowing with light. Feel your face, your hands, your arms, shoulders, stomach, chest, legs and head glowing with light.
•       Feel  happiness  filling  you  up  as  you  imagine  feeling
cleansed and glowing.

•       Look at yourself and imagine that you are looking young, healthy and fit. Move your limbs and imagine that you are walking or running, without any problems.
•       After feeling the happiness and health in your body, start flying back again. Fly through the clouds and come back to your body.
•       Re-enter your body and focus on which part of the body you feel most stressed in. Wherever you feel an ache or a heaviness, realize that your stress is stored  in that  part of the body.
•       Focus on the energy in that part of the body and imagine passing white light through that part of the body.
•       Try to see whether the energy in that organ is flowing clockwise or anticlockwise. Reverse its flow to release
the negative energy.
•       Feel negative energy coming out as black smoke. Imagine
white light filling in.
•       You can also imagine that there is a red ball or a black ball in that part of the body. Focus on whether you
feel anger at yourself while looking at the ball. Make the ball smaller and bigger in your imagination so
that it becomes flexible to change. Keep shrinking and expanding the ball till you can imagine that it bursts. In place of the negative ball of energy, imagine white light filling in and a white, radiant glow healing that part.
•       Feel how it would be to imagine peace in the affected part of the body.
•       Feel blue/green/ white light coming and filling up that
area. Feel more at peace.
•       Again focus on different parts of your body and see the white light spreading all over your body. Feel your in ner being filled with light.
•       Connect your head to a wire of golden light coming from the sky. Thank the God you believe in. If anything angers you, imagine white light piercing the picture of that situation in your mind. See it dissolving as a picture and golden light filling up. Take a breath of peace.
•       Feel happy as a soul, as an energy.
•       Now, feeling rejuvenated, you can open your eyes and progress with your day.

All these exercises of anger management can be used to address other negative feelings as well like hurt, rejection etc. As all these feelings also have anger at the base.
It is important to feel neutral or optimistic while doing any mental exercise as the difference in our biological mechanism is created by release of positive hormones in the body. Creating feelings of happiness, at peace or calm is more effective than learning the exercises by rote and following them, strictly by procedure. The above given steps need not be literally followed step by step as they may have to be modified, elaborated or circumcised, according to individual needs. Sometimes, flowing freely in positive imagination with our energy becomes the key factor in healing than reading or learning techniques.
The critical bit in anger management is choosing to let go. We need to have an inner desire to be at peace, modify our belief systems and improve our communication abilities, so as to find happiness with our efforts.
By choosing to hold onto grudges or feelings of revenge, we cannot expect to be free of anger or realize happiness. If the anger is deep, other than these routine exercises, more healing may be needed through using past life therapy, spirit release, neuro-linguistic programming etc.

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  1. Anger hate different colors,lover smile to all colors,,,remember,the deeper you meditation,the less you will be dictated by dualistic mind ,,,>>