Thursday, 13 March 2014


Healing emotions helps healing the body
The third eye sees what normal eyes cannot understand
physical pains arise due to suppressed negative emotions
and they can be released only by understanding soul neesds

To heal emotional pain, focus on an unease in a certain part of the physical body, which would occur along with the pain. Keep breathing through the unease and say THIS TOO SHALL PASS > Focus on how it would be when the unease isnt there,The mind and body are connected. Healing the body helps in healing the mind from anxiety, whereas healing the mind helps in healing physical pains as well. Healing is most effective when holistic and simultaneous on the body and mind.

Once you can establish which parts of the body ache with your emotional distress, you may imagine the associated body chakras rotating in an opposite direction to being in pain.

When the energy of the chakra rotates in speed in a direction opposite to being in pain, it cleanses negativity out through its energy vibrators.
In case of physical pain, you can imagine that the chakras connected to the organ of the body affected are being activated by your focus. The chakra gets cleansed and activated by you seeing each chakra lighted up and rotating freely without blockages. The chakras need to be mentally rotated in a direction which smoothens the pain.

For example, in case of lower back pain, the root chakra and navel/sacral chakra have to be cleared and activated; whereas in case of throat pain, the throat chakra and third eye chakra have to be energized by activating life force within.
The third eye chakra when activated looks like a flame lighted up, burning with high intensity. Feel your pain situation getting dissolved in imagination, as you mentally radiate blue light and power from your chakra centers.  Blue light taken in from the sky gives the feeling of peace and calm to all parts of the body which are in agitation and helps generate sleep, which heals.

All physical pain has emotional learning attached which helps the soul evolve. For example, activating the root chakra helps in creating financial abundance through doing work which gives the soul happiness; whereas activating the third eye chakra helps to develop psychic intuitions. Healing the pains with mind power helps ease the mind as it facilitates perception of life beyond the material, external horizon.

The process of healing gets activated slowly and appears prolonged till changes start appearing suddenly, as negative frequency changes into positive at a tipping point. Metaphorically, the shift in energy takes place in an instant just as milk boils suddenly.

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