Thursday, 13 March 2014


We all have spirit guides from the non physical planes
they connect to us un dreams intuitions and visions
the more we acknoeledge and take support from them
the mpre God helps us acheive our life purpose
the more we allow practocal sense tp rule over
the easier we get caught in traps of cpnventionalism
a balance between the practical and spirotual
can only be achieved by trusting intutions and signs of alternate realms
Spirit guides help us from heaven on Earth
They are under a soul contract to give guidance
We get signs , dreams and intuitions from above
God helps us through assigning spirit guides and angels as messengers of God

Life on Earth is expected to be difficult from the soul’s perspective. since the intention of life is to transcend negative energies into positive.

Sometimes, challenges planned can be tormenting to an individual soul who feels alienated from its real home on the celestial plane. Hence, we have friends in heaven who enter into contract with us to help in executing our life-plan on Earth. These friends are called our Spirit Guides.

The duration of a contract to help may last a life-time or it may be made specifically for shorter phases, applying to a limited period during which the soul may require special or expert guidance.

Our spirit guides, give guidance to us through a given lifetime, while remaining in the non-physical dimensions or by incarnating with us as friends, teachers etc.
If in the non-physical dimension, the spirit guides communicate telepathically by sending thoughts to our minds - through intuition, insight and dreams.
If on Earth, the spirit guides  help us connect to our soul selves by offering insights which help us change our core negative belief patterns. Their intention is to help us free ourselves from the vicious clutches of negativity.
Following the guidance is, usually, challenging from conventional social wisdom, but helps us evolve to a more liberated, less negative way of thinking.

Once born on Earth we do not remember our spirit guides, nor do we recall who we truly are as souls, or have been in our past lives.
If our spirit guides incarnate with us as our friends, teachers or soul-mates, we usually develop an instant liking to them without any rational reason if we meet them, in person or through books, films etc.

Irrespective of whether we can decipher their presence or not, these spirit guides are there. The spirit guides are distinguished by the fact that they act like university professors, ready to help, but not to spoon-feed.
They offer guidance but the responsibility for learning the intended life lessons rests with the student.

Unlike ghosts from the dark sides. , spirit guides do not threaten , bribe or force. They work more by using love as a driving force than magic or ritual.
If we make choices which can lead to us devolving as souls, they warn us on the dire consequences of our present thinking orientation, but do not create fear in us of the worst.
They help us correct our wrong choices and be more positive whereas ghosts from the dark side create fear in us and make us brood about worst possible outcomes.
The interference from ghosts makes us feel more negative or worried or fearful from within whereas the interference from the spirit guides makes us feel more relaxed, loved and whole.

The spiritual guidance is typically from a soul’s perspective, i.e., a perspective which takes time as eternal, unlike Earth time, which is finite. Therefore, its practical application is realistic from the perspective of soul evolution and may appear unrealistic from the perspective of attaining our immediate goals.

 However, if we dare to follow the guidance, it leads to greater success and happiness in life than which we can imagine from our limited human vision.

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