Wednesday, 8 January 2014


silence is the language of the Gods
you can hear your soul when you shut outside world
silence is the most beautiful sound of all
quietness gives complete peace to hearts who seek the whole
silence heals the body, mind and soul from diseases and life's tolls
if you can be thoughtless and in peace, you win the battle for ur inner cause
words cannot convey the essence of silence
every communication conveys more thru silence than words can say

Everything cannot be spoken with words.
According to research, communication is 7 % words, 21 % tonality and 67 % body language.

Several people make us feel uncomfortable by their presence, whereas other people spread peace just by being around.
People keep thinking in their minds and thinking passes judgments. Even if a person does not say bad words to you, his judgment would pass onto you if he thinks badly about you. That is because thoughts pass from one person to another at the unconscious energy transmission level.

You would feel peaceful in the presence of people who are non-judgmental or who think good about you. But, you would feel restless with a person who disapproves of your soul.
As we grow older and emotionally wise, the need for words becomes less as we learn to communicate through silence. We keep catching thought waves and answering the questions in our own mind. That automatically clears confusions. Words are used only where silence does not suffice i.e. where specific details may be needed.
Tonality is another effective tool of communication. Some people who speak in a loud pitch sound rude even if they do not intend so. We often react to the tone of the person than to the words spoken. Words spoken harshly are rejected as abusive automatically by the mind. A person who is harsh by temperament gets obedience but not agreement. When the bossy person goes away, people backstab and rebel against him.
Soft spoken people often fail to pass their message across effectively. They pass on the energy of love and get love in return, but their opinion goes unheard, usually. People are usually trained into obeying bossy people or those in authority. A soft spoken person is assumed to be non –authoritarian unless he or she establishes himself as a saint like the Dalai Lama.
We tend to obey people the most when they speak in a command but are not Hitler like. Also, we listen more to people who speak slowly with each word coming from their gut than from the throat. That establishes a kinesthetic connection.
People who speak fast find it difficult to tolerate slow speakers as they are more auditory digital or visual by nature. However, most effective speakers are those who speak slowly and establish a connection with the silence of the person, not just the words.

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