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several problems arise because of promises we made to ourselves
anger arises when we cannot meet our own expectations as defined through life
there are several mind control techniques which have to be learn through practise
mediatation is like cycling, it takes time to come but becomes a habit

SUMMARY STEPS FROM CHAPTER 25 - SHORT MEDITATION TIPS - REDEFINING HAPPINESS ( how to handle negative feelings, a soul's perspective )

If there is a problem which worries you very much, do not think about it negatively.

Instead focus on the problem with a neutral attitude. Keep repaeating the problem word in your mind and pass light through it in visualization. You will find that the negative energy loses its grip on you.

Do not ask God to help you without making an effort to meditate. Allow God’s positive light to fill you up and make it a habit to connect to God every day to align with your soul purpose. 

 Avoid  making  promises  to  God  which  can  make you feel negative in the future as God cannot feel happy by you feeling sad.

God can only feel our energy when we are as positive as God is and if we sacrifice our happiness without aligning with God’s level of positivity and happiness, we become negative and lose contact with God.

If we have made promises in the past to ourselves or God which have forced us to feel like sacrificial goats, we need to release ourselves from those promises. 
Even if we feel negative by being disloyal to some tradition, ritual or a statue of God, we need to realize that God is an ever evolving energy. If we become frozen and static in our evolution because of promises we made in the past, we cannot evolve in tune with our soul evolution needs.

Each promise matters to God only in terms of the energy it radiates to God. The energy which reached God from a promise has to be that of happiness, not sadness; and if our sacrifice makes us negative, it is wrong way of accessing God’s love. 

To remove promises to God or to a human being, we can take the following steps:

Imagine standing under a shower of light in the sky.
Feel white light filling you up.
Connect to God by feeling golden light above your head. Feel
God’s or your spirit guide’s or an angel’s presence around you.
Then, think of the promise which worries you.

Imagine the energy of the promise as an object somewhere in your body.
Feel a vacuum cleaner coming from the sky and sucking the object out of your aura. Feel the energy of the object being sucked out and sent to the black hole to dissolve

Say ‘I Release myself from the negative thinking and energy block of this promise. I am aligned with God’s will and will think and act as the superior intelligence of God wants me to in place of this promise. Let God download in me a happier way to fulfil this promise in alignment with my soul’s purpose to raise my soul frequency to more positive, as planned in my life plan I allow that each choice I make helps me to achieve my purpose of evolution’
Then, imagine a positive object coming in place of the object ad a white paper of instruction filing that place. Feel white energy revolving in that place.

Hold a book of spiritual wisdom in your hands and imagine its energy coming into you. Tell yourself “I understand and integrate the energy of the words of these prayers and spiritual words as a part of my subconscious knowledge and will act upon them from my core. Inhale the energies if the book and feel your brain lighted up with golden cells.

       Imagine the energy shower pouring water on you and see all remaining energies of the promise leaving you. Feel black paper and negative energies getting released.
       Feel the energy of happiness and bow to God’s wisdom.
God's wisdom is a superior intelligence than human wisdom like a
 computer is more evolved than a calculator.

       Allow  your  head  to  be  filled  with  God’s  definition  of sacrifice and wisdom. Feel yourself filled with light.
       Imagine what should you be doing now that you are free of the promise.
       Ask your spirit guide to show you a picture of how God would like your life to be. Accept first impressions coming to your mind.
       Thank God by smiling up to God.
       If the problem still worries you, focus on your problem in the way given below and it will resolve soon.


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