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when we are in peace ourselves, we will spread peace
we may take action to spread in peace & increase inner conflicts
being in peace is the only way to create peace on the world
getting agitated & spreading peace will only increase war like tendencies

spending billions on weapons isnt going to ensure peace
peace will come when mind wins over the need to use weapons
education, awareness of logical deductions and compassion in individuals
is the only way to feel at peace individually and at mass levels

Everybody wants peace on Earth. There are Peace conferences and movements. There are organizations working for peace. A certain amount of peace has been established but we still maintain armies, as if we need a gun if the peace is threatened,

The need to keep weapons and spend huge amounts of financial resources on weapons than on human development shows that the measures for peace are shallow.
People are talking of peace and trying to maintain some kind of short term balance but eruptions of violence keep happening. That is because the problem is not addressed at a deep level, from the core,

MASS CONSCIOUSNESS IS SUM OF INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS. If there is no peace in our house, there can be no peace in our mind. On the flip side, if there is no peace ion our mind, there can be no peace in the house.
PEACE cannot come just by thinking we are at peace. PEACE IS ENERGY. The energy of peace is a feeling of being at peace. It is not an academic thought or an argument of the state. THE FEELING OF PEACE IS A STATE OF BEING. When each individual feels at peace, mass consciousness will be at peace.
The first point to note is that FEELINGS CREATE the energy of mass consciousness. EVERY INDIVIDUAL FEELING releases an electric impulse which is a particle in mass consciousness. Each particle which is negative adds up to the negative consciousness of the planet. Similarly, each particle of feeling at peace release energy of peace on the planet.
We can think in a futile manner endlessly that we should be at peace and yet, do nothing to be at peace at the action level. Unless we feel at peace with the actions we take, w cannot be at peace in our mind.
Every single feeling we focus on releases negative or positive ions in the atmosphere, just as our breathing releases carbon dioxide. We feel as constantly as we breathe. When we feel nothing, we still are at a negative or positive state of being. The state of negativity or positivity we are in releases ions in the atmosphere which affects mass consciousness.
If all human beings are at peace, Planet Earth would be at peace. However if human beings are constantly under stress and conflict, the planet would also be in stress and conflict.
In a human body, when stress increases extreme negative energy, over a period of time, diseases develop. At the mass level, when several human beings focus on stress over a period of time. We develop problems of mass scale like epidemics. Earthquakes, floods and wars.
Every problem in our life is a manifestation of consciousness and every problem at the collective level is a manifestation of mass consciousness.
Earth cannot be at peace unless we make choices in our individual life to be at peace above all else. The need of the hour is to be at peace, t o help us and the planet rise above a negative equilibrium.
Diseases and depressions are increasing on the planet inspite of technological advancement. The money people earn by sacrificing their peace goes in healing disease and depressions to come back in peace.

To be at peace, we have to focus on peace as a choice with every feeling we focus upon. We need to release anger and conflicts through educating ourselves in energy science.
Below are given some exercises to develop thoughtless, positive states:



Exercise 1- Start your day with a positive note

1.       Start the day with this process of feeling positive, because the first feeling you would get into, in the morning, would keep coming back to you through the day.
2.        Begin the process as soon as you open your eyes in bed when you are still drowsy. You may keep your eyes open or closed
3.       Feel relaxed as you lie down on your bed or wherever you are comfortable.
4.       Then, imagine yourself in the clouds. Feel a shower of energy filling you up. As if you are taking a bath in water at an energy level. Feel energy entering from your crown and filling your body with light, and feel negative energy leaving you like dirty water as this energy fills you. Then, feel yourself going deep into Earth and coming back inside your body and focus on your body filling with Light.
5.        Next, think of a happy feeling, like looking at a beautiful flower or hearing a soothing note or any memory you have of being happy; or focus on how you would, literally, feel when your desired future manifests.
6.       Or just let go of all your worries for a few seconds, and instead focus only on the soothing light flowing through your whole body. Feel the light touching your toes and fingertips, your spine and stomach, your neck, face, hair and so on. Feel yourself filling your whole body with light at one go , as if you are a body made of light.
7.       Stay in the light happy feeling for a few seconds and then allow your mind to quieten and focus on being thoughtless. This happy feeling causes a positive energy flow in your body. Still your mind or feel your breath moving in and out with this positive energy.
8.       Try to stay thoughtless for another few seconds or minutes.
9.       Towards the end, before getting up, just imagine how you would like to feel through the day, and the feeling you would like to be at the end of the day, that is, at the time of reflection when you go to bed at night. Imagine that you are feeling satisfied or loved or relaxed at the end of the day.
10.    Inhale deeply while thinking of the last feeling, thus inhaling the feeling within you, and feel sure that this feeling would come true at night. Let all your reservations go to the wind for just one second.
11.    Now, get a smile on your face. Smile for a few seconds with focus on your stomach as if you are smiling in your stomach. Feel the smile even if it is forced. Feel being happy and thank the universe or the God you believe in or your own Higher Self. Then, start your day. The positive energy with multiply with consistent focus.

Be patient with yourself if the day does not go instantly as you planned. Results will take time, especially if your negative vibrations are too strong. Also, the results would first start manifesting at the level of feelings.
You would slowly start feeling good more often, if you practice feeling good early morning as an exercise. Overtime, your feeling good would manifest on the physical plane, and your external reality would shift in alignment with your inner focus.
 If positive solutions take time, it is better to stay thoughtless as much as possible, and wait with patience, rather than worry about why the outcome is not happening or how or when it would come.

When we begin the process, it may be difficult to stay thoughtless even for a second, but over a period of time, which may vary from days to months to years we can acquire the habit of staying thoughtless for hours together. Usually, a few minutes every morning are enough to break negative energy circuits, overtime.

It is necessary to practice being thoughtless for a few minutes each day, be it any time of the day, and especially at moments, when you are tempted to worry or brood. Force yourself to smile instead of crying.
Smiling from within causes energy shifts in the mind.  The smile would release positive hormones in your body and defeat the energy of being negative. If you can smile more intensely than cry, you would realize that disappointments cannot hold you back for long. Your positive vibrations would rise, the flow of negative hormones would reduce, and you would start releasing suppressed negativity or anger from your body.

If your mind wanders while you are practicing being thoughtless or smiling inwardly, all you need to do is to bring it back to a thoughtless position, as soon as you become aware that the mind is wandering. Then, redirect your mind to focus on a positive feeling from being thoughtless but do not allow yourself to fall into feeling negative, as long as you can hold your mind.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Excerpt from Appendix 1- CREATION OF HAPPINESS, THE ENERGY WAR, a soul’s perspective

4.     Heal the planet

Focus on some happy feelings you have experienced on this planet, like being in nature, feeling fresh air, enjoying or relaxing, realizing your dreams etc.

Avoid focus on anxiety, wars, distress, airplane crashes, cutting of trees etc. By focusing on positive aspects you would reinforce their recurrence on the planet and by focusing on the negative, you would reinforce their recurrence.

 In your routine life, to create positive cycles on the planet, avoid indulging in actions which spread negative energy in your own life or another’s life by focusing on negative aspects of any situation while doing the acts.
The actions can be positive or negative on the external front. But, it is necessary to be aware that positive actions done with a focus on the negative in the mind lead to creation of negative energy on the planet rather than reducing it. It is feelings which create the future, not the actions themselves.

For example, if you are on a mission to save trees and you do it with a focus on the fact that tress are scarce, you will reinforce their scarcity in the future. Instead, if you save trees with a focus on the feeling that trees would grow more if you save them you will reinforce their growth in the future.

Similarly, if you save money with a focus on the feeling that money is scarce, you will always feel poor, however much you have; but if you save with a focus on the feeling that the saving will help money grow, you would feel more secure in the future as money will grow.

In either circumstance, your expenses will rise as your income grows but in a negative vibration,  you will live on the feeling of deprivation (I don’t have enough/what if I starve tomorrow /my resource base is static and diminishing – these are thoughts which strengthen poverty consciousness), whereas in a positive vibration,  you will live on the feeling of abundance (I have more than enough/ there is no need for fear /my resource base is forever flowing and getting replenished/there is enough for all / I will be provided for – these are thoughts which strengthen wealth consciousness.)

7. Spread Peace on Earth

It is not possible to spread peace by simply preaching about peace. The preaching has to be applied in everyday life, such that people’s thinking changes from the core.
Our core thinking patterns are set by our early education. It is the  thoughts our minds get conditioned into before we are seven years of age, which set the foundation for how we evolve as adults. When we are children, we do not argue back on the rules of life taught to us. Therefore, the early teaching affects our subconscious minds the most as we are like sponges then, ready to absorb all that which is fed.
Hence, to spread peace on the planet, Peace has to be taught in schools as a practical subject like sports or painting.
Instead of focusing on teaching English or Maths or Painting or Skating, it is necessary to teach children how to share with each other, how to enjoy helping, how to express love and compassion, how to create what they desire by focusing on thinking the right way and how to use energies of music or painting or dancing or games to feel good internally, than perform externally. The grades need to be given for creativity, joy and compassion rather than for rote learning or imitating well.
Education should be more fun for the students than stress. The learning needs to be automatically imbibed, than forcibly inculcated.
If children are force to compromise from the beginning, they will develop negative thinking habits. They have to be encouraged to enjoy learning by making education flexible and convenient.

It is only when our minds are free to create, that we will evolve above being humans like monkeys, running after bananas to being humans like Gods who fly freely in bliss.

To live on a peace loving planet , we have to love peace in our everyday life. We cannot keep fighting with our inner selves and expect peace to radiate from our beings.
At a mass consciousness level, our mind’s focus needs to be on the energy of how it will be when peace exists rather than on worrying that peace does not exist. The more we worry about riots and terrorism, the more we energize these negative manifestations of restless minds on the planet. When we deliberately focus on feeling peaceful within, ignoring a restless external reality, we will energize the spread of peace on Earth.


Creation is an art and like any art, it involves trial and error. We may not succeed each time in creating what we desire in the external world. This would hold true, especially if our desires are unrealistic or pre-mature, from the perspective of technological evolution in the physical world. Or if our frequency does not match the frequency of the desire.

For example, if you desire traveling in a flying car, it may not happen soon, literally. You would not be able to make yourself believe it can happen and partly that would be the reason why it won’t manifest soon enough technologically. However, through reinforcing the feeling of sitting in a flying car especially while in a traffic jam you would accentuate your speed of travel.
Through imagining positively even if you do not literally fly, at the level of feeling, you can feel as good as you would when you travel in a flying car, and thus increase the inflow of positive energy in your body. That will also help in mobilizing energies for the same technological innovation in the future. 
 In the meantime, by feeling that you are travelling stress free as in flying, you may shift to a city where you have to travel less or where roads are emptier.

Always remember that when we don’t succeed, it would only be because we let negative energy block the flow of positive creation. Or it is because the energy we seek does not match with the form we seek it from i.e. by realizing the desire we have would not lead us to the kind of happiness we are focusing upon from it.

We err in using the laws of creation by having doubt or disbelief in the universe’s or the creator’s or your own ability to create.

The more frequently we practice experiencing the feelings of happiness which we desire to manifest, the more perfect we would get in the art of creation. As we succeed, our trust in our own abilities would increase.
As we try incorporating each and every aspect of our life, while practicing the art of creation, we would be able to create the life we desire to live at the level of feeling and hence, help ourselves realize our mission as a soul.
Through raising our soul frequency, we would increase the inflow of positive energy in our life from the Source. That would make us happy in ways, we may not have defined till now.
--------------------------Excerpt from Appendix 2 – CREATION OF HAPPINESS

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