Wednesday, 20 August 2014


On Earth, reality is the feeling felt
The outside picture is an illusion to make it amusing to souls co-creating heaven or hell,
Wars are the same be it swords or guns
Love is the same be it in palaces or small homes,
excitement is the same be it toys for kids or cars for adults,
Deriving complexity of form is the energy  experiment being conducted
As we focus overtime, the feeling underlying remains same while the physical aspect complexifies itself,
Negative emotions also become complex and manifest diseases
Suffocation leads to asthma as it becomes complex in body
Individual consciousness adds upto mass thinking and spread of sickness,
When we lose immunity in self, we develop fatal diseases like cancer or AIDS

Earth is an experiment of the Gods. It’s a planet where solids can be moulded into forms which can move. Bodies are like robots which spirit enters to move it . The body is like a car wherein the soul spirit is the driver . The spirits are made of pure air like energy which is gaseous by nature.

The molecules and atoms in the spirit body lower in frequency through attachments and become a soul. The soul  enters a solid physical body which is far denser than the spirit body. The spirit conquers matter by making the body move as per its desires, controlling the mind and manifesting dreams. 

Each soul tries to master some forms of energy on Earth . Everyone has different dreams of happiness depending on which energy that soul is choosing to master in that life time . Each soul 's dreams reflects its priorities and its destined goal, if everything goes according to plan made before birth. 
Conquering over matter with happiness increasing,  is the Creator’s goal. Each soul in a body is a fragment of its spirit self. Just as a ray of light illuminates a container, the spirit’s light enters the body like a ray of light entering a vessel. The ray of life force  illuminates the body and gives its life force. However, the higher spirit remains free and exists as a consciousness beyond the body . 

The play on earth is of energies. Energies are felt through emotions. EMOTIONS mean energy in motion. Each unit of energy which is positive helps the soul move matter towards the Creator and each unit of emotion which is negative makes matter move away from the Creator.

Hence, the more positive we feel, the more our desires manifest as we move closer to the thinking/frequency of the Creator.

The soul experiences life only through feeling emotions. The soul cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste by itself. It only can feel the electric impulses resulting from these sensations. Whenever the electric impulses are loud, the experience impacts the soul energy to a higher vibration. Just as the electric circuit oscillates to manifest light, the soul energy vibrates to manifest life force in forms, things /desires.

Desires manifest as a result of the soul energy moving in the same experience over a period of time.
Vibration of soul energy can be negative or positive. . A negative experience makes the soul feel sad, diseased, dull while a positive experience makes the soul feel happy, brighter, healthier.
Experience s become more complex with time and focus .F Few basic emotions turn several degrees as the person grows up from a  baby to an adult but for the soul experience, it does not make much difference as long as the feeling generated is real

. For example,
SATISFACTION is the same be it from drinking water, eating food, being loved. When a baby feels dissatisfied, it needs oral satisfaction and tactile satisfaction. Similarly, when an adult feels empty, he needs oral and tactile satisfaction. Oral satisfaction is obtained through eating foods in complex varieties as the person advances from childhood to adulthood. Tactile satisfaction is obtained through play with things when small and play with people when big.

As the soul advances, gradations of satisfaction become fine tuned. So, while a monkey soul can be satisfied through sex with any monkey; an advanced soul would need sexual satisfaction where he feels loved and acknowledged.

People confuse between need for food and need for love often. Most people try to substitute love with food. When they feel deprived, they try to snack more or drink alcohol, smoke, see films than fulfill requirements of feeling acknowledged and loved which needs a higher state of emotional maturity.

However, the deprivation remains and souls become fatter or unhealthier but few souls realize that the need for fulfillment is of all gradations of satisfaction. Oral satisfaction cannot satiate a need for love. So, if you feel you miss something to eat or shopping for clothes, it’s not always things you need. You may need the more complex forms of satisfaction as your soul urges you to evolve to higher degrees of advancement.

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