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We all seek to be happy in various ways. Roads to happiness usually involve helping others in some way or the other. We earn money by helping others and we feel happy, as an outcome. but it is not money , per se, which leads to happiness.

Happiness usually comes only by helping the energy exchange flow in some way. We take a job to help others while earning ourselves. We cook to help others eat. We look after children to help. We study to help our parents stay in peace. Everything in the legal economy is built such that money come through helping others. Those who do not earn money directly help in  building support structures which sustain the money economy. Their help is indirect and they receive money indirectly like housewives receive money for helping the children which is indirect payment for them. Monks receive food and shelter for spreading peace which is not a direct energy exchange. Children receive help from parents in return for compliance, love and existing, as children come to help the soul of parents evolve in some ways.

People who do not earn money spread the energy of love directly. They are the channels through which God spreads light.  God gives us food, clothing and shelter through physical channels for our being.

People who do not earn money are sometimes made to feel inferior by those who earn directly. However, if you make the support structure feel inferior, everything collapses. Irrespective of whether we earn money directly or not, we need to feel worthy of respect and love from all. We, as souls, are channels of light and the more positive we feel, the more positive energy we spread, even if we don’t do anything to help in financial flow  directly. A baby helps the universal love flow with no direct contribution to work. Special needs children help by radiating love and peace when everyone else is caught in ego battles.

When we earn money and do not receive a look of contentment, a smile or thanks, we feel mechanical as the reward for helping is not given. It is the energy of  love which radiates happiness in any energy exchange. In any energy exchange which does not involve love, money is a necessity for karmic exchange to neutralize. If we help people who we do not love without taking money, they become attached to us as they feel loved. We need to be aware that help symbolizes love and need to help only as much as does not drain our energy when we are helping outsiders with no personal exchange involved.

Helping is God’s work but we cannot think of ourselves as God and help without taking anything back in return as we are only channels of God in human bodies. By helping another, we become a part of his or her karmic exchange.

If the other person is positive, he would notice and appreciate help. But if the other person is negative by temperament, she or he will not acknowledge your help. Such a person needs to be helped only as much as you can receive energy back in return for that help. If you help a negative person, struggling with life, you may become more negative than that person. Metaphorically, you cannot save another person from drowning when you are struggling to swim yourself. If the negative current is strong, you need to spend your energy only on those who you love deeply and yourself. If you try to save the world, you would drown yourself unless the masses are supporting your cause.

We can only help those who can give back the energy we give them as a to-fro of energy. We cannot help anyone who does not receive our guidance or who rejects our spiritual advances.

A big mistake while helping others which leads to soul devolution, and makes the helper negative is to sacrifice for someone who does not understand your approach , to force help on someone who is nor acknowledging it, to teach others when they refuse to learn etc.

Nobody likes teachers who teach us lessons when we want to play. Similarly, we dislike wives, husbands and parents who teach us things which we do not consider as priorities.

A good teacher or helper is that who helps when here is need, when he is being asked and when receptivity is high. Even God ,spirit guides,and angels do not help when the person is negative because it is like throwing water in a dessert. Some souls are born to convert dessert sand into clay and they live a tough life but if that is the case, then the help given leads to soul feeling empowered by helping. When God guides saints or social workers or mothers, they feel an intuitive urge to help.
 Free help is compensated by rewards from God as it leads to some realization , or help in non-direct ways. For example, a wife who helps an ungrateful husband heal out of love would either receive positive love, respect and gratitude or would divorce a negative man and find freedom .

Helping others leads to happiness in several ways as long as the outcome of each energy exchange remains positive .If helping is making you feel sad or sacrificed r deprived of self-respect, then it is better to not help and stay detached from the situation. Detachmant is always a higher vibration than staying worried or feeling cheated. 

For most people, help is a critical area which can lead to increased negativity if given to a wrong person who is mocking, abusive or ungrateful for your help.

Usually, to stay tuned to one’s life purpose, we have to be careful about giving help as it is a karmic exchange.  Help can only be given when the person feels positive about receiving it, when help empowers the person receiving such that she or he can express gratitude and can give back some energy in exchange which is as valuable to the helper.

 As the spirit guide ABRAHAM says:

ASK AND IT IS GIVEN ... all spiritual teachings have a science underneath which needs processing to be understood and correctly applied.

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