Wednesday, 6 August 2014


When the whole race is to have peace of mind
why do we pursue means which take us away from feeling alive 
where we get success, money and lose harmony inside
pretending to be someone else to suit mass likes

Success, fame, name and money do not help us rise to happiness
only a greater positive soul frequency helps us be bright inside
there is nothing wrong or right in being rich or successful
but what needs to be pursued is a method of raising soul vibration to merge with God's light
for happiness can come only when we realign with the connection we lost for joining human tides , while staying alive

People on Earth seem to think than name and fame brings peace of mind. But, from the soul’s perspective, it is the opposite.

When you are in a position of power, you are famous. All your activities are scrutinized by the public media. People love to read about your personal life. Everything is gossip. You are not allowed to have normal human weaknesses. You have to hide to be your own self because you are otherwise, always living up to an image.
You own soul self becomes completely sacrificed in order to meet expectations of others. As a woman in public, you cannot speak what you want because your husband’s or family’s reputation gets harmed. As a man, you have to obey certain decorum and you cannot rebel against injustice even if you want to.
If you speak against the monopolies, the dark forces blackmail you. They threaten you with death penalties. They make you obey them like slaves and you have to do it because you are popular.
You have no life of your own. You only live to please the masses.
Usually, you hardly are a leader or a role model. You are a popular puppet who has to be very careful not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. So, even if there is filth around you and there are famous people cheating and exploiting the weaker sections, you have to seal your mouth and be quiet. Such a life can be suffocating for the soul who seeks truth to open up.

As a soul, I am one with others who have departed. I catch thoughts of spirits who have lived lives like those of Cleopatra , Jhansi kid rain or Marilyn Monroe and in all those lives I lost the war. The war was lost because the cause was unjust. It was a cause to protect those who were negative. The people who the famous tried to protect wanted a leader to save them from oppression. But they were not willing to let go of the hypocracy in their own lives. Rome spent huge amounts on sports and hardly anything on temples or education, in comparison. Heath and soul evolution were neglected because money came from sports and wars.

Happiness cannot come by supporting one negative system over another.

A king who fights war against another country cannot save his own people from cheats inside the country who give him money to fight the war. In the spiritual sense, there is very little difference between a  king and a mafia don. Both become puppets of a crown.

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