Sunday, 16 November 2014


On the human plane, we identify ourselves with one body. However, the human body is just one part of our existence. Every person has seven bodies, six out of which are invisible bodies.

By a body, is meant a cluster of energies designed to do a specific function.
Every human has one physical body, one emotional body, one astral body, one mental body and three spiritual bodies.
All these bodies together complete to make the aura of a person.
For complete healing of a person, his aura has to be cleaned and aligned in one axis along with the Creator’s axis of thinking.
Each body is inhabited by a different frequency of the same soul. As we move up on higher level bodies, we integrate with our higher selves.
The physical body is our appearance and or physical functions on Earth. It is like the driver of the car, that which can be seen.
The etheric/emotional body is the emotional structure of the brain, which would be different for men and women. The emotional body carries childhood and past life imprints which have to be healed for a person to feel in peace and move on towards health and happiness.
The astral body is the body made of light viz. the spirit self of the person. The astral body travels to the spirit world when we are asleep and does the work of the soul. The astral body can detach from the physical body and reconnect. The astral body has to stay aligned with the physical body for the person to feel active and grounded. If the astral body travels in the sky too much, the person feels dizzy, hazy and spacey. Such a person would be absent minded .

The causal/mental body is the person’s subconscious mind. It is affected by the karma of the person and his values, beliefs, environment, circumstances, education, health, height, gender etc. Integration of the physical and mental body means an alignment of physical desires with one’s upbringing, karmic needs and mental conditioning.
The three spiritual bodies connect us to our soul purpose. They include our soul, our Higher Self and our (God/ goddess) Highest self – viz. the chain of spiritual thinking we align to. Integration of the physical body with the spiritual bodies aligns the person with his soul’s purpose of incarnation, destiny and karmic abundance.

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