Saturday, 31 January 2015


           We are, essentially, beings of Light.  When we live in darkness, everything appears mystical and scary; but when we live in Light, each aspect of life makes sense…. Literally speaking - light brightens life,  ….. on the switchlight of the soul  and let go of inner darkness…

Changing our core thinking to positive is not easy because we become habitual to sacrificing our soul needs to be happy , presuming happiness to be a compromise as defined by traditional doctrines. Yet each time we compromise because of fear of not having in the future, we focus on the negative aspects of life.

Initially redirecting our thinking feels like relearning the alphabet .But at some point, we need to realize that we cannot continue with the negative ways of thinking simply because we are conditioned into them! Our method of coping up has not helped us since centuries of trial and error in finding the happiness we seek through our efforts.

This book is channeled from ascended masters in  celestial realms as it is written from the soul's perspective of life on Earth.
The book explains how the soul is a co-creator, energy of positive life force and a part of The Creator. The soul incarnates on earth to learn the art of Creation. All the problems it encounters help in understanding the process of conversion of negative energy into positive.

The book addresses questions like:
What is the process of creation on Earth?
How does the soul participate as a co-creator?
What are the karmic debts of a life time?
What are the dark forces and how they influence us in everyday life?
How do we interpret terms like heaven and hell from modern perspective?
What does the NEW AGE represent for humanity?
How does mass consciousness create wars, floods, earthquakes and famines through cumulative energy transfer of souls in negative vibrations ?

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