Saturday, 3 January 2015


Soul evolution is about learning from past mistakes. We make mistakes because we are in a hurry to achieve an outcome and we adopt wrong methods of learning.

A sin or bad karma is a mistake in learning for the soul. Every life for the soul is a step in the ladder of evolution as it moves closer to attaining enlightenment with the consciousness of the Creator.

Mistakes are necessary to learn .Sinning does not mean that you will never learn . Sinning only means that you have been in a hurry to attain a desired balance and have fallen while trying to climb the steps fast. 

When we make mistakes, we feel negative as we create more sadness, overtime, for ourselves than happiness. When we injure others, cheat or betray , the same energy recycles back in our life through someone else. We may not realize it as the energy may circle back from very different contexts . However, every mistake has an opening for learning to perform with a new alignment to a higher consciousness.

Mistakes can occur in various areas of life. Mistakes when kept as grudges in the mind, can lead to bad health , anxiety and prolonged unhappiness overtime.  However, mistakes make us feel sad only when we fail to learn our soul lessons. If we clear our soul tests and do not repeat the pattern of making the mistakes, we evolve to a higher dimension of happiness.

Like, when a toddler falls while walking, it is a mistake. If he keeps falling, he would feel negative. But, if he does not attempt to walk in fear of falling, he may never learn to walk. Once he learns to walk with balance and patience, the mistake would help him evolve.

Hence, in order to evolve and walk with balance in life, it is necessary to learn from mistakes.
However, when we make a mistake, we fall into a trap of negative thinking. Then, because our focus becomes negative, we keep repeating the same mistakes.

If we are in the habit of not learning from mistakes, rescripting the mind from a pure energy level through using past life therapy helps. Rescripting the mind from an energy dimension means that we relive the event in our mind but at an energy level. Then, we reverse the energy current in an opposite direction, without repeating the energy pattern of making the mistake. Metaphorically, if we are in the habit of getting into accidents along a path, rescripting our mind means that we walk along the same path in our mind and do not get into an accident.

We would find that we repeat the same patterns in imagination as we do in reality, and it is as difficult to control our mind in imagination as in real life. However, since physical limitations do not awe us in imagination, it is easier to train our mind in that mentally created scenario, than on the real plane. Once new ways of working are discovered by our mind at the abstract level, our subconscious mind transfers the learning on the physical plane more skilfully. 

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