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 Smoking helps a person remain thoughtless for some time. staying thoughtlesss prevents negative thinking.
Negative thinking devolves the soul to a lower frequency. Staying thoughtless helps the soul remain detached but harms the body. Negative hormones are released during smoking which create depression in the person's mind later, perpetuating the urge to smoke.
Smoking is addictive as fatty food is. It can be de-addicted through mental exercise as fat is reduced through physical exercises.
The following changes in daily schedule help to quit smoking .

1. Stay thoughtless for one second whenever you can. To stay thoughtless, ask yourself - ""What is the next thought?"
2. Make it a  habit to stay thoughtless for ten minutes every morning . Focus on your breathing and smile for ten minutes . Whenever your mind drifts, think or imagine positive feelings. Do not allow yourself to worry in these ten minutes. It will require practice.
3. Smile for ten seconds every hour forgetting everything else.
4.Drink a glass of water every hour or atleast ten glasses of water in a day.
5.  Keep sipping hot water throughout the day . Take two or three cups of tea or coffee. Other than that, drink hot water after every meal.
6. Use traffic jams to count breaths and smile than get impatient.
7. After a stressful activity, take time out to just be alone . Drink water or breathe air in this time . Exhale out tension.

Staying alone helps the soul rise up from pressure. You would need to de-orient froma stressful mindset to be alone.  If you cannot, you will need to smoke. Minimize smoking to 4-5 cigarettes a day and do not rebuke yourself at those moments. negative thinking will increase smoking.

 Inner Child healing and past life therapy help to quit smoking or reduce it  . Love yourself . If you have any childhood memories, love the child in your imagination as an approving father .
The following book consist steps of inner child healing.

Creation of Happiness is a personal choice. addictions help the soul be positive instead of being pressured by negative mass consciousness focused on performance as a measure of success.  The positive intention of addictions from the perspective of the soul is given in the book :

Leaving addiction requires soul evolution to a state of detachment .

 The ever increasing restlessness in societies, the rise in domestic violence, criminal tendencies, alcohol and drug addictions, medical bills and incurable diseases , prove that escaping the needs of soul evolution does not help. But, we are conditioned into believing that the soul does not exist, and that only earning money, fame or power matters in creating happiness.

So many people are addicted to drugs, smoking, liquor and other oral sensory pleasures for relaxing their minds.
Though these addictions temporarily relax the person, they have serious side effects on health, heart and body.  These addictions help to stop negative thinking for some time, but the negative thoughts, fears and doubts come back with a greater force and trouble the person.

It is very necessary to relax the mind to remain healthy. If a person cannot get free from his worries, negative thinking is very harmful for the health of the person. Addictions are a life line for some people who don’t see any other way out to relax.
However, addictions would not be as necessary if we do not feel pressurized by other’s opinions. When we know that parents, teachers or people in authority are not right always, we would not need to take drugs to escape from them.

Drugs or liquor help us escape but do not solve the problems. But if we understand that God is not against us, that our fee will is important, that we do not have to be performing computers to succeed; then we would not need to take drugs to relax.

God is force of love and God is always present whenever we love, fly freely in our mind, smell flowers in imagination, sit in beautiful gardens and feel pace. It is more relaxing than taking drugs or liquor to be alone and imagine being where we want to be for some time during the day. We do not need to interact and talk all the time to relax.

We can use traffic jams to practice mediation and visualization. Instead of watching Television, we can make films in our own mind. The more we activate our sense organs for visualization and day dreaming, the more we will release positive hormones in the body. Our stress and anxiety would go away if we can take time off from our busy schedule for day dreaming and laughing as an exercise of mind control.

Being thoughtless,  dancing or singing are better ways to relax than using drugs ir alcohol. However, if we use dancing or singing, you should not resort to drugs later to balance hormones. You should meditate by inhaling exhaling with focus, after dancing and singing so that your mind cools down from heightened activity and you can balance normal routine.

 Imagining yourself in perfectly clear white light, dissolving in the brightness as formless after a rigorous activity, and radiating light from your stomach as a SUN in your centre would radiate -  helps the body completely reschedule itself and recharge for feelings of newness of  life. Health and vibratory sensations improve by releasing positive hormones through feeling happy mentally, in reality or imagination. 

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