Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How Past Lives Affect The Present Life

 How Past Lives Affect the Present Life, a soul's perspective of happiness

This book is written to spread awareness  that , as souls, we follow repetitive thinking patterns and make the same mistakes in every life. The case history analyzes the past lives of a person to make him aware of his soul plan  so that he can understand why he faces difficulties in his present life. The story moves around the person being a criminal or a soldier in each of his lives wherein he becomes habitual to killing as  a means of livelihood.  His sessions  include messages from advanced souls in the  life between life space .  As a criminal , he feels bad but as a soldier he ffels justified though he serves tyrants. The guidance explains how celestial  spirit guides perceive the concept of countries and the need to maintain armies, as the root cause of all evil. In one of the nine regressions, the person sees himself in the second world war period, in two bodies ( parallel Lives ). In both lives, he joins the military. Thus, he  fights his own soul in another body, as  a soldier on opposing parts of the war. He dies as  a martyr but is rebuked by his HIGHER SELF in the celestial realm, for being a  failure in achieving soul mission, as he killed innocent souls on order of unjust rulers .
The book is a key guide to achieving happiness in everyday life, along with the hard work we put in to achieve success. It is written from the soul's perspective of what happiness means on Earth, and is a must read for understanding how past lives influence our beliefs and values  in everyday choices.

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