Saturday, 24 January 2015


People have started dying increasingly in wars , terrorist attacks , floods and earthquakes,
But if you talk about spiritual awakening, they have no interest
There is no solution to problems till the soul's perspective is learnt,
Evolution has to be applied in everyday life, God cannot be a show piece to be flowered and left.
The more we reject the metaphysical, the more problems will rise
Overtime, the force will win which seeks to destroy
The water demons rules before humanity emerged and they will dissolve the human race to rule as octopus and sharks again

The book is a download from celestial internet channeled through silent meditation and channeling God's energy through using the body as a transmitter of the thinking of God.
The book gives guidance on what happiness means from celestial realms, as it is written from the soul's perspective of life on Earth. It is an original work which is also being subdivided into smaller books to meet specific reads of people.The book explains how the soul is a co-creator, energy of positive life force and a part of The Creator. The soul incarnates on earth to learn the art of Creation.

All the problems it encounters help in understanding the process of conversion of negative energy into positive.

The book addresses questions like:
What is the process of creation on Earth?
What is meant by heaven and hell in dimensional terms ?
How does the soul participate as a co-creator?
What are the karmic debts of a life time?
What are the dark forces and how they influence us in everyday life?       
How do we interpret terms like heaven and hell from modern perspective?
What does the NEW AGE represent for humanity?
How does mass consciousness create wars, floods, earthquakes and famines through cumulative energy transfer of souls in negative vibrations ?

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