Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Every person has problems in life
The power to walk away and heal self is necessary
the more you worry, the more you spread inner wars,
Individual consciousness makes u mass consciousness
A War is a manifestation on consciousness based on conflicts
Heal your core soul and choose peace over disharmony to spread peace in the world
Do not preach what you cannot practise as that creates ur own traumatic field

Third world war is not a fantasy in today’s world. It is a reality we all are confronting given the mass scale focus on negativity in human consciousness. The holocaust is the nuclear radioactive energy which will spread as a result of usage of nuclear weapons. Everybody would suffocate to death. Some people wait for death because they feel humanity has made them suffer but the vast majority still believes in God winning over sadness.

Beliefs win if focused upon and energized with action. The more we think positive and be happy by choice to let go of all resentment, the more we contribute to world peace. Energy moves to create reality of souls. The more we focus on gloom and mundane, the more we contribute to the creation of another holocaust as after the Second World War.

THE NEW AGE which is said to have begun in 2012 can either lead to end of humanity or upliftment of human consciousness to a higher dimension of compassion, peace and happiness. The time till 2029 is said to be turbulent and it is predicted that by 2029, if Earth survives and war is prevented, peace will start coming in.

Nobody can win the third world war as it would lead to destruction of all. A new civilization may arise after the holocaust disseminates but that would be beginning of evolution all over again.
It is believed by some that Earth was created six times before and each time the civilizations got demolished due to wars between men. Examples of Atlantis and Mohenjo-Daro prove that this myth could be true. 

Atlantis was a civilization which drowned because of a fight between the leaders, where negative lizard type people ( Lemurians ) won over positive bird type God like people. Negativity spreads like magnetism. It can only be prevented by a choice to rise above the swamp like energy which pulls us into distress and depression.

All our actions today are dominated by a negative consciousness ruling over positive mind sets. Lizards are souls who are unable to rise above tradition and remain grounded even during difficulties than rise to overcome sadness by making choices to let go and fly.

Any activity which leads to an increase in adrenalin flow, be it dances which are restless, sorts which are war like or exercising to build the body without focusing on breathing activities – lead to increase in depressions after the drill is over.
Breathing exercises and meditation are necessary to calm down the body so that the soul can rise from within. Happiness rises instantly when the soul energy rises in the body and takes control over the mind.
We are always running a rat race, seeking goods and services which glitter but which we don’t really need to feel peaceful. The culture to eat out to entertain the body leads to greater indigestion, increase in fat storage and a depressed mind which is always restless, seeking gratification outside.
Activities like dancing and sorts done to raise hormonal level are unaccompanied by calming down exercises. If a person is always running, how will he ever stop to reflect on whether he is running towards peace or towards anxiety?

The ever increasing hospital bills, insurance schemes and corruption all point to the fact that Lemurians are again winning the war, thus succeeding in converting humanity into reptiles who cannot walk straight and overcome ground difficulties through a positive mind set. The souls from Atlantis have faith and belief but they are over ruled by people choosing to stay in difficulties and taking pills than take time out for meditation, self healing and spirituality.

 The only path to happiness in the NEW AGE is spending at least ten minutes on mediation every day. Any technique to stop thinking, letting go, detachment, finding peace within, helps in slowing down the mind waves to stop, reflect and redefine happiness as per individual needs, not as defined by a mass consciousness which generalizes every emotional value as a product to be used for increasing money.
Every person does not need a surfeit of consumer items to be happy. 

Only young or less advanced souls are thrilled by purchase of things for show of power. Things are toys for the soul and toys do not bring peace. Things bought without any spiritual need,  only increase agitation in the mind to play harder, be restless, fall, cry and sleep. People repeat life times with the same set of problems because they are unable to sleep feeling happy by choice to let go of thinking about problems. Negative adrenalin flow becomes a habit of a mind addicted to being sad.

Dances which are aggressive and sports which are competitive activate the Law of Repetition towards more aggression and depression in each mind which participates.

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