Tuesday, 23 September 2014


If you have sex with a prostitute, she expects approval from you for her mind, 
If you have sex with your wife, she expects your love and respect as part of your life,,
When you have sex with a man, he expects to be honoured ,loved and liked,
If you criticize the person you have sex with, that person feels abused, rejected and hurt inside

Love is the reason most people who are normal, have sex. People who are emotionally unstable would have sex for releasing frustration, abusing others or establishing physical dominance over another’s body.

However, sex helps the person feel satisfied and happy only if love is involved. You cannot make love with negativity in mind. If you have sex when you dislike another person, the long run outcome is anger or bitterness in both the persons involved.
Sex, like hunger, is to be indulged in for need not greed. The need is satisfied when the soul feels complete after a sexual act and positive energy is released during and after the act. If indulged in for greed, sex leads to indigestion problems just as food does when eaten in greed than need.

If you have sex with a person you like and you love, you both evolve to a higher degree of love, spirituality and health over the long run. But if you have sex with a person you love but do not like, it means that you have spirit attachments in your body. Somebody who likes and loves that person uses your body to love his soul mate but when that spirit goes away after sex, you star hating that person’s habits.

Liking the person you have sex with is necessary for a relationship to be happy. Yu need to like the way he looks, moves, eats, drinks, smiles, gets angry, is clumsy, untidy etc. All habits need to be accepted as part of the person you like and love, as an extension of your own self.
Raping a person for sex is complete foolishness as you would never feel uplifted after abusing another. Raping another would make you feel angry, re3vengeful, bitter and frustrated with your own lack of self control.

Criticizing a person after having sex with him or her leads to development of low confidence in the person used. Women whose husbands or lovers do not like their habits feel miserable , negative and keep complaining about the men behind their back as they are afraid to say anything in  front of the man .

When liking is missing in a couple, the passion dies out once they start living together. They have sex initially as passion continues to rule senses but overtime, the disapproval is so much that passion no longer arises. Negative thinking overrules feeling positive about the partner when habits irritate too much, there are too many thinking differences or upbringing creates diverse mind-sets. Light can kill darkness only when light is brighter than darkness inside but if negativity is greater than positivity in the mind, the negative energy rules the body and positivity can no longer sustain married life. An unhappy marriage can continue but feeling positive about each other's choices, values and habits is necessary for living together and  being happy about life.

The couple who does not like each other’s habits either needs to start accepting each other through using meditation to be non judgmental or need to break up the relationship. Sex is necessary where love is claimed between a strange man and woman who have no other commitment with each other. Good sex, approval and respect lead to rising of self worth amongst lovers  Unlike other relationships like brother/sisters/friends/ parents/ children/relatives/colleagues where self worth rises because elf other platonic factors. ; Lovers need sexual union to stay happy with their own selves and it is better to separate than continue to love a person you dont like because of past commitments as you cannot help a person by disapproving of him and her. Charity works by feeling positive. There is no need to have sex for charity while feeling negative all the time.

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