Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Religion develops by habit as does language,
The meaning of God is the same be it worshipped in any form or formless, 
You may be a Christian, a Muslim or a Hindu by birth,
you will find a way to reach God in ways that you are habitual of alignment

If you  are a genius variety, you would leave all rituals and move into spiritualism,
but as a normal human caught in webs of life, you would worship God as you know without any intention of hurting another,
Those who create enmity or disrespect Gods of other religions,
only display negativity of the soul & devolve in consciousness to cannabilism

When civilization evolved in different regions of the world, the same concepts developed in different languages and different ways. Just as things were labeled differently, Gods were also labeled differently.
Depending on socio-cultural concepts, environmental conditions and needs of development relevant to that period, the religious texts elaborated on principles of religion in various ways. However, all religions broadly talk about the same beliefs, values and virtues of life.
For example, all religions uphold truth, honesty, sacrifice, supremacy of a higher intelligence called God and repeated occurrence of demonic entities which need to be defeated by application of higher consciousness.
There are differences in rituals practiced which are due to regional thinking differences. However, FIRE connotes a religious symbol as all religions use fire in some way to worship God. For example, the Hindus use the DEEPAK, Muslims use INCENSE STCKS and Christians use CANDLES. Fire symbolizes life force.
Religious practices are bound to be different in different parts of the world as they were developed in isolation of rest of the world. All religions, upheld today, are derived from ways of worship developed in centuries where communication was almost nil between countries. Hence, each sect of people found their own tribal ways of accessing God which overtime, grew as religious beliefs.

Differences in thinking are natural given climatic and language differences. Muslims developed the BURKA system for women because desert climate was too hot and protection was needed. Hindus developed a PURDAH culture when the Muslims invaded and attacked uncovered women. Similarly, Christians nuns are completely covered up to appear non sexual. The ritual arose because of a climatic need but was understood as a sexual covering and superimposed in cultures where climate was not hot.

That is derivation of religion by people who are perverts and powerful, but insist on being considered sensible. If three people are brought up on three different regions of the world, each would find a unique way to survive. However, survival by itself would hold the same meaning for the soul irrespective of climatic and language differences.
Due to communication gaps between masses, the leaders who travelled from one area to another spread miss-understanding among people and created enmity for personal gains. Women were looted sexually to make the men feel helpless ; while religious institutions were demolished and plundered for money which was amassed by the king ; not common public.
Even today, if we pick up any religious text and study the meaning underlined in the words, be it the Bagdad Gait, The Bible or The Quran – we find that they all mean the same though the stories told are different, pertaining to regional specific.
God upholds the same values in all religions.

As is written in my book – IN SEARCH OF HAPPINESS _ 

The soul does not belong to any religion. The same soul can be born as a Hindu, a Christian, and a Muslim or in any of the various other religions of the world, as it wants to have different experiences. Each religion uses a different way to express the same feeling. It is like using different kinds of vehicles to reach the same place.

Each God represents a type of energy; yet, energy is one whole. It cannot be divided as it merges as one. Spending a life and dying as a fanatic is a waste of effort from the soul’s perspective because in the celestial realms, God is not divided. The celestial realms may be viewed as corporate houses where each type of God works to bring harmony in the lives of people who follow its ideology. But, the Gods don’t fight against each other as there is a power of Oneness above the division of labor. 

It is the individualized human mind that wants to be one up on others in its zeal of competition, which creates division. Humans have branded everything as superior or inferior in the spirit of competition including God. Under the robe of competition only one God can be superior. Irrespective of which race the soul is born in, it wants the God of that race to be superior. For example, Dev was a fanatic whether he was a Muslim, a German or a Hindu.

From Devi’s example, fanaticism appears to be a mental disease for a reincarnating soul. The fanatic thought process continues life after life irrespective of the fact that the soul is born into a different religion in each life.

Devi’s soul wanted him to realize that he has to fight against its rigid thought process which makes him want to make one race supreme or one perspective supreme.

 The war on one religious supremacy is foolishness
Whether you use a bus or a train is ur own convenience,
One religion means one language for the whole world,
that oneness can only develop from kindness for all

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