Sunday, 7 September 2014


“Peace, Happiness and love are emotions of highest existence. Sacrifice which leads to satisfaction and happiness takes us towards God whereas Sacrifice which makes us unhappy / guilty , robotic, takes us away from God.  People focused on lower struggles cannot realize happiness or love or be wise, sacrificing, God-like  peaceful in temperament. A struggle for survival, be it in rich or poor, indicates that the soul needs more time on Earth to evolve from being animal-like human to being God-like human “

Only advanced souls can feel peace or happiness. The ability to feel about abstract things like love, truth, honesty, commitment,  betrayal etc., is a sign of soul advancement. These are complex thought processes as contracted with thinking about food, recipes or cars which can be possessed by touching or tasting. Complex thought processes do not have clear, tangible evidence. Like a child needs lines in a paper to learn writing, young souls needs primary sense organs to create life designs.

Animals need more evidence support than humans. Animal minds cannot abstract and think away from form. Basic animals can feel happy about things which can be eaten, while advanced animals can feel love . But, their satisfaction is basic – restricted to eating and drinking. More evolved animals play like monkeys and dogs do. They play for fun. FUN is an emotion which enters with soul advancement from basic animal to advanced animal. However, the same emotion of Fun becomes redundant with soul evolution from basic human to advanced human, wherein the advanced human seeks spiritual bliss over dependence on body, food or play, for satisfaction.  

Animals kill for eating. Killing is allowed karmic ally for self defence (or to help another being attacked) or for eating as primary need.  YOUNG HUMANS START KILLING FOR MONEY AS MONEY LEADS TO FOOD BUT IT GOES KARMICALLY NEGATIVE.

Evolution from animals to humans initially entails developing on these base needs and understanding which action leads to inner happiness even if food satisfaction is lesser than action which provides good food but creates greater unhappiness..

For example, young souls make eating and drinking fancy activities but the emotional content remains the same- basic primary happiness. The circus taught us humans can be graceful as monkeys in balancing and climbing- as does the modern dance; yet the emotions remain rudimentary – surviving with physical balance in play.

Movement to higher emotions makes the body less important and the soul a priority. Emotions like love, truth, honesty etc. cannot be defined by touch as eating or sex can be. However, happiness arising from sex accompanied with true love is far more blissful than mechanical sex.
Bliss is an experience of the advanced soul.

If we block emotions, our ability to feel reduces. The more we focus on the struggle for survival, the more animal like we become in nature and the less we can focus on happiness or peace. The more we become animal like in temperament, the more we start staying sick, diseased and worried as we cannot cope up with human demands of life.

Signs of soul advancement is the ability to detach from worries about money, shelter, food, sex etc. You can reach a ZEN state of soul evolution only when you stop thinking that life circulates around physical things and can view life as a manifestation of being in contentment.

As the soul advances, physical needs are satisfied by a feeling of energies wherein personal ego is sacrificed and community living becomes mandatory. For example, private houses are replaced by ashrams, personal respect is sacrificed so that justice for all can be meditated upon etc. Peace comes through activities like meditation and eating simple food where the body finds contentment without being greedy.

The more we focus on making food, clothing and shelter fancy technologically, the more our focus remains on primary needs. The more we focus on adding spiritual awareness, art , music , finery , enjoyment in sex , grace in dancing, slowing down the mental waves to perceive energy movements over getting the act done, the more we stop running like rats and FEEL HUMAN . 

As we add Godliness to every physical activity, the more we transcend our own reality from basic to rudimentary, from tangible to abstract, from primary sense satisfaction to emotional gratification.
The ability to feel depths and be in peace, bliss or love  are signs of soul ascension while the process of blocking emotions to struggle for survival, money or power is a sign of soul descension to an animal like , mechanical existence..

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