Thursday, 29 May 2014


                     The choice is never to compromise, it is to let go
the learning is detachment , freedom from craving which may not satisfy
as long as there is desire, some karmic learning is incomplete
the cxhoice is never to suffer, sufferring is only a challenge which indicates a need to rise
it is to rise above the suffering in  a way which helps the soul ascend to a higher command of soul frequency

The concept of choice appears like an illusion
Because most people live under the illusion that there is no choice
However, the moment we decide to choose, life brightens
When we choose to be positive, we let go of negative people or houses than live for hearsay

 From the perspective of the soul, whenever there is a desire there is an opportunity for creation. We evolve to higher positive frequencies by creating what we desire. Hence as souls, our choice is not about whether or not to pursue a desire but how to pursue it.

            To turn or transform any desired feeling into a physical, tangible reality, we have to make ourselves believe that the feeling we desire can be manifested as only belief can lead to positive manifestation of the desire.
            Doubt or fear of a negative outcome cannot help us evolve, as it would mobilize our energies towards the desire not coming true. Our negative expectation would negate the positive manifestation of our desire. Hence, we need to indulge in thoughts and actions which would make us concretely expect that the desired feeling can manifest practically.

                       To manifest happiness, it is important to be aware that the power of choosing where to focus lies within us. Though feelings repeat themselves in cycles, we can always break a pattern of repetition, which involves negative feelings by deliberately choosing to change our point of focus.
            We can create a new happy life for ourselves by manipulating our mind to change its dominant focus of feelings. The external reality moulds itself depending on what we choose to focus upon.

            Explaining metaphorically, energy moves in circular motions but there is always a centre to every circle. In a calm pool of water, ripples start getting created when we throw a stone in the water. Displacement causes energy movement in a circular motion around the stone.
            If we throw stones on the same spot, ripples would get created in the same direction. But if we start throwing stones in a different direction, ripples would start getting created in that direction.
             Due to our change of focus, the earlier pattern gets erased and a new one gets established. Similarly, we mobilize energies for creation, by focusing in a specific direction of thought repeatedly and creating ripples of energy in that direction.
            When we change our point of focus, the earlier pattern of our life starts getting erased and energy starts moving in a new direction.
            Choosing a focus on happiness is a choice which always exists with us, as souls. However, we may not exercise it as using that choice may mean letting go of all those beliefs which make us choose to be unhappy.

             For example, we may desire that our child gets admitted in a particular school because we think it would be good for his future. But the child fails to get admission. At that point, disappointment would come in but we can mould it into happiness by accepting that maybe the school we chose was not the best for our child.
            By choosing to consistently focus on the feeling that he gets good education irrespective of which school he goes to, we would make different efforts for his bright future.
            In fact, instead of putting all the responsibility on the school, we may take more interest in helping him learn and thus, contribute more quality time to his life. Our involvement in his education may help him more than putting him in a good, reputed school in the long run.
            That is because reputation is determined by conventional performance whereas soul evolution of the child may require, that he grows up with more liberal values which help him achieve happiness and not just success in traditional terms. In fact, the child’s life plan may entail teaching the parents a different outlook towards education, success or happiness.

            Through a consistent focus on feeling good within, irrespective of what happens outside, we would ensure that our beliefs change such that the desired feeling comes true and our child gets well educated for a truly happy future.
            From our soul’s perspective, while making a choice on which feeling or energy to focus upon, it is necessary to accept that we need to aim for soul satisfaction rather than external gratification.

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