Friday, 30 May 2014


 Money is presumed to bring happiness
but it is only a belief because reality does not prove so
Rich people are as troubled as the poor albeit in different ways
Money is only a  mirage, the real oasis is in finding one's own soul
The soul needs are different for each individual
Happiness cannot be a generalized definition satisfied by food, clothes or shelter, 
To rise above our animal ancestors' struggle for survival 
we need to think like God and move onto abundance as in heaven,
For realizing the soul, we need to satisfy individual needs not just please herd sensibilities

ON Earth, we have become conditioned to using an indirect approach to happiness.
If we use the metaphor of achieving happiness with catching our nose, then it can be easily observed that we are using an indirect approach to achieving happiness and hence failing in realizing it.

To focus on realizing happiness, we need to focus on feeling happy internally and externally in alignment with our pace, health and love needs. Instead, we try to achieve happiness by focusing on earning money or getting rewards. The money and rewards lead to happiness indirectly as we may feel happy after receiving money or success from performing for others.
 However, if we do not like the work we do or we invite stress in our lives to achieve the awards more than the positivity it brings in our lives, then we multiply negativity not happiness. Likewise, if we cheat, steal or deprive other people of acknowledgement to earn money or popularity to feel happy ourselves, we again circulate negativity in our lives.

Happiness does not directly depend on money. Happiness is like health. It depends on how well, positive and healthy we feel in our everyday lives. By equalizing happiness with money or regards, we mislead ourselves into focusing sideways than directly in the front. Instead of catching our nose from the front, we try to take our hand behind our head and catch our nose. Usually, we never achieve happiness as a result of our indirect approach.

Happiness follows some basic Las of The universe.
The first is the LAW OF CREATION –

The law of creation says that we create what we focus upon, as souls. The soul is the life force in our boy. It is a unit of energy and multiplies itself through multiplying its energy units. The feelings we focus upon release energy in the universe as feelings are electric impulses created in the body during our interaction with the environment.
The feelings we focus upon keep getting created in our lives. Our external circumstances keep changing such that the feelings we focus upon can keep getting recreated in our lives.

The second law is the LAW OF REPETITION –
The law of repetition says that feelings repeat themselves. The energies we focus upon in our feelings keep moving in circles. The keep forming ripples or circular motion as ripples are created when we throw a stone in water. Our focus point acts like the stone in our energy pool and experience keep getting repeated in our lives around the feeling we focus upon.

The third law is the LAW OF ATTRACTION
The Law of attraction says that we attract energies of like frequencies. That means that we attract experiences which match in frequency with the feelings we focus upon internally.

All these three laws point to the same phenomenon:
HAPPINESS IS AN INTERNAL VIBRATION, not an outcome of external circumstances. We do not need to reach out to catch our nose. The nose can be caught straight, by focusing on our internal vibration.

The only way to manifest happiness in our life is to focus on feeling happy in the present.
Happiness is a relative term. Different people require different experiences to feel happy. Some people feel happy by painting. some by giving love, some by writing, some by meditating , some by shopping or indulging in material pleasures.

In all these activities, the internal feeling we need to realize is HAPPINESS in the body, mind and a soul. We need to focus on feeling happy while doing any activity on Earth.

If we indulge in activities for external rewards without focusing on feeling happy within, we will not multiply happiness in our lives as feelings repeat themselves, by law.

We earn rewards or make money to feel happy but the rewards or money earned fail to male us happy as that is an indirect approach to happiness. If w e internally focuses on stress, competition or negativity while earning the money or the rewards, we would multiply the stress and negativity in our lives overtime.
We would create that which we focus upon internally. If we define happiness in terms of stress and negativity because it helps us earn money, then we fool our own selves.

Happiness is energy of positive frequency. Happiness can come in only when we feel aligned with our own soul, when our soul consciousness spreads positively.

By feeling negative, we crate MINUS in our soul’s expansion as negative is only an absence of positive. The more negative we feel, the more deprived we feel in spite of rewards or money earned outside.

So, to be happy, we need to focus on achieving our desires in a way which makes us fee; happy and a peace, as the most important consideration. We have to teach our kids to be happy than focus on exam results because it is the feelings which will multiply.

We need to train our minds to focus on happiness to get happiness in our lives.

As is explained in much detail in my book CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENEGY WAR, a soul’s perspective

We pursue success hoping it would give us happiness but in this pursuit of success, very often, we miss out on that particular feeling which, if pursued, can lead to happiness. We find success, money , power but not the happiness, which we sought in the first place — and yet, we keep pursuing that which we don’t really need, hoping it would someday lead us to what we really need. But very often, the purpose of life remains unfinished till the end.

The mirage – illusion of the oasis

Since centuries, human beings have been trying to find a route to happiness by methods which are externally focused. We have been seeking to succeed in the external world, hoping we would find happiness with our efforts but usually, we get disillusioned because our vision of happiness turns out to be a mirage.
A mirage in a desert is an illusory picture of water. It gives travelers in the desert an indication that an oasis is nearby.

Similarly, our success gives us hope that happiness is nearby but in life, we keep finding mirages, not real water. The oasis of happiness seems to move further away in spite of passing one exam after another to meet the demands of traditional success. But, following success or power or fame does not automatically lead to happiness.

As a human race, we have focused on technologically developing the tools of happiness, but we have not yet found how to develop happiness, per se. It is as if we are desperately trying to catch our nose from behind the head when it can be caught easily from the front.
From our soul’s perspective, we are taking unnecessarily challenging roads to happiness by seeking external success, money and power while grossly ignoring our soul needs of evolution.

Yet, empirical evidence proves that these traditional routes to success have failed in leading us into a happy world.
In spite of the technological kingdoms that our industrialists have created, we face the same jealousies, fears, betrayals and traumas as people did thousands of years back, for example, when Cleopatra was alive.
Kingdoms have largely been replaced by democracies and battlefields by boardrooms but the manipulative power games continue.
We seek to be successful managers, teachers or doctors without caring about whether the paths of success we pursue help us feel more content or compromised, within ourselves, as souls!
In the rat race to succeed, happiness is usually left far behind as we choose to be like rats running after cheese than peace, forgetting that we have evolved above being just animals.

As long as we stay limited to thinking that buying external objects of comfort and security would ensure our happiness, we would somewhere fail to evolve above our animal ancestors who were purely focused on the external gratification of their bodily needs.

Due to the empirical evidence available, we can’t blindly follow the methods of pursuing happiness which have been founded by our ancestors because our history does not prove that humanity has led an emotionally successful existence. Instead of finding peace, health or happiness, with our comfort levels rising on the physical plane; our levels of stress, tension, loneliness, diseases and depressions have risen over the centuries.


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