Tuesday, 20 May 2014


When a soul incarnates on Earth, it is like coming in a maze of forms and colours. Earth is like a school where each soul learns through playing games. When there are setbacks, it is like points lost in a game and when there are rewards, the soul wins the challenges and moves on to a higher level.

The more advanced souls face more challenges than the less advanced souls.
The more challenges are overcome, the greater is the degree by which the soul radiates positive light.
The soul is a being of light. Its success is in shining bright. The more the soul can be bright within its energy field, the more advanced it is considered in the dimensions of GOD.

Earth is a planet where the soul experiences negativity intensely . It is also considered a short cut to learning as the negativity which can be experienced through being on Earth cannot be experienced by staying in heaven and hence it’s a quicker route to success for the soul. For example, if there are two ways to reach a destination --- one is a jungle and the other is a clean, long route .. Then Earth is the jungle .

Souls come here for reaching a higher level of evolution quickly . However, several souls get lost in the jungle and never reach the destination.
The challenge if soul evolution is to stay positive and have faith in God however difficult life may become. The soul is energy and connects to God through energy wires in the auric field.

Faith in God keeps the connection with God intact and the soul remains on track as if guided by torchlight on top . However , if the soul becomes too engrossed in fighting for survival in the jungle , it loses it faith in God.

If the soul loses faith and becomes cardinal in instinct , its consciousness devolves and it becomes a part of the jungle consciousness. It can  no longer connect to the higher realms or reach its soul mission.
To stay connected to god, it is necessary to remain detached on Earth . The more we stay detached from the life of the jungle, the more we stay tuned in to God’s frequencies.
The jungle life allures the soul with magnetic pulls. However, the more we seek entertainment as an escape from difficulties, the more we lose track of the soul mission.

To stay calm through difficulties, we have to learn to stay thoughtless so that our energy disconnects from the Earth’s maze and connects to God’s positive frequencies. Staying thoughtless appears boring to most people and it literally involves a controlling of energy currents in the body , as strong as unruly, mad sea waves.

All activities which appear boring and involve patience like exercising , deep breathing , floating on water , spending evenings in meditation or learning new skills like dancing , music , painting helps us learn detachment from easy ways to fun like eating in hotels, spending on films, cricket, shopping  or in liquor bars. Detachment helps us connect to realms of heaven while festivities make us more involved in Earth.

 We cannot get released from the Earth plane unless we lose interest in being on Earth, by choice. The soul is energy and energy cannot be forced to detach. It would keep returning on Earth till there are desires left to conquer but if the soul , by choice, freely and happily rises above  desires for physical , it will not be pulled back onto Earth and would rise to higher realms of creation .. Where the roads are cleaner and life is easier for the soul.

Desires need to be satisfied than ignored so that there is no craving left in the soul . The soul has to understand which desire satisfies it and which only pulls from the surface but fails to satisfy. The advanced souls would need only love to stay satisfied and would take the energy love with them as they rise to heaven.

Exercises, dancing , music , reading , or meditation all helps to open energy circuits in the body which helps the soul connect to God and its mission of incarnation. Staying thoughtless and completely in silence is the toughest lesson of detachment and requires the maximum mind control.
However, unless we learn detachment and silencing the mind, we cannot get out of the jungle called Earth . We keep getting reborn till we learn to stay in silence for hours and detach from all activities on Earth like saints do. However, detachment does not mean not loving a soul mate.

Love is the vibration of God . God radiates love and we cannot reach God unless we can receive and radiate love. Detachment means staying in love, meeting family responsibilities, loving with a pure heart, staying passionate in life and non negative about difficulties.

The less we seek entertainment and the more we are content with being with our loved ones, with our own soul and in the light of our spirit, the less we fight with other animals of the jungle. The more positive our mind remains , the sooner we achieve happiness, peace and understanding necessary to cross this level of evolution.

The money and success pursued on Earth only serve us in the jungle . Burt the energies of happiness, peace, good health, passion and enlightenment we create while crossing over remain with us as souls and are carried over to the next realm .

The brighter, content, whole, calm and loved we feel at the moment of death, the more we evolve towards heaven .

To end the cycles of life, there should be no desire left incomplete at the moment of death. Death needs to be such that we feel peaceful and content, while feeling detached with life and its interests, worries and problems, and there remains no reason to come back. Victory for the soul is when it can completely disconnect from life on Earth and reach God feeling happy that is accomplished its mission of raising its light to a higher and brighter frequency.

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