Monday, 26 May 2014


TO LOVE AND BE HAPPY is the aim of life
All ambitions aim at satisfying our love and happiness needs
the energies of Go are love and happiness
we are born as souls to evolve and become one with God
Rising to God consciousness means learning to love all
love does not mean sexual love which creates wholeness with soulmate
God has one consort in Hinduism symbolizing oneness
to love all  means helping others find happiness in life other than sex
To let others feel justice and faith exist and be grateful to God for satisfying needs

We are souls in human bodies. The human body is like a box we are in which helps us connect to the
Physical dimension.

As souls, we are electric beings. We are part of an electric life force called the CREATOR. The Creator or GOD is a live consciousness and operates like a super computer.
We enter the electromagnetic field to enter Earth. The magnetism binds us to Earth. Spirits are free bodies which become bound in the electro-magnetic field of the body to stay on Earth.

Souls incarnate on Earth to experience physical life which is accessed through the sense organs. By itself, the soul cannot touch, see, hear, taste or smell. It can only feel.
Feelings are created when we touch, see, hear, taste or smell through the body. The soul experiences life only through feeling it.

If feelings are not created during an experience, the soul does not register the experience as reality. Only the feelings a person focuses on are experienced by the soul. The outside even does not matter. For example, if a person travels in a BMW car but feels sad inside, the soul records the experience as sad.

The aim of life is to feel happy, as a soul which happens when positive feelings are generated. Again, this aim is scientific as positive electric impulses are created when the soul feels happy. Positive electric impulses increase the electric power of the soul. So, when the soul generates positive feelings, the electric power of God rises.
Negative feelings create negative electric impulses. Negative electric impulses mean absence of positive electric impulses. Negativity is unreal for the soul. The soul is a positive electric life force and can only register the [positive feelings. Where there is negativity, the soul only registers absence of positivity.
Therefore, when we are sad or unhappy, the soul does not register us as alive. We feel dead, depressed and sick. Only happiness is relevant as being alive for the soul.

The more we can create the life as we desire it to be happy from within, the more our power rises as a soul. To stay happy, we have to sacrifice priorities which please the world where we have to compromise, adjust or work to make others happy. We have to sacrifice money and power where it leads us to stay away from our true being. We can be happy only when we radiate out our own light, values, beliefs and where we align with God’s thinking more than human thinking.
If we cannot think like God, we cannot be truly happy because happiness is energy of positive frequency. God is the most positive life force, and the more positive we feel, the closer we move to God’s thinking. The process of evolution is scientific. Happiness is a scientific choice to treat everything except the inner feelings as illusions. If we ignore the outside reality , and stay happy within us , we slowly increase our soul power to positive.
The outside reality is a reflection of the soul’s inner feelings . The more peaceful the soul feels inside, the more peaceful its surroundings become. The world is a matrix of thoughts of several souls and the more powerful thoughts rule over the less powerful thoughts .
A very powerful soul cannot continue to live on Earth in a human form as its soul frequency rises beyond that which can be held on the physical dimension. Hence, powerful souls receive enlightenment and get salvation.

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