Monday, 5 May 2014


The need to cheat another arises only when there is pressure to perform. If we are forced to perform in ways which make us feel uncomfortable, we cheat to escape pressure. Metaphorically, cheating is the same as a gas engine leaking because its venting vault is blocked.

The person uses inappropriate measures to escape from responsibility because he isn’t aware of better methods which can help him handle internal pressure. Usually, when there is a need to cheat, there is a bully around somewhere who is making you work in a way which is against your soul desires. We start behaving negatively in order to please a negative social structure thus betraying our soul needs.

However, a karmic cycle ensues from cheating and those who betray inevitably feel betrayed by the same person or others. The same energy which radiates out gets reflected back and the person suffers the trauma he gives another.

People on Earth are not equal in terms of the money they earn or the luxuries they display but they are largely equal in terms if the sufferings they bear. Less advanced souls, be they rich or poor, always suffer more than more advanced souls because their reactions are more inappropriate given a problem situation. The lesser people use their spiritual wisdom, the more they get caught in vicious cycles of negative karma.

For example, if a man cheats his wife and does not tell her, he thinks he is smart or he feels relief that he escaped pressure by lying. However, the need to lie arises because of a fear of not being understood and if there is no understanding in the relationship, there is negativity .

 If truth can break a negative bond, it is better to destroy the structure than prolong staying in mental trauma. overtime, lying leads to creation of negative hormones in the body as dark areas in soul aura prevent light from passing through fully. The person falls sick ads he lies to himself that everything is okay when in reality, his balance is lopsided. The soul rebels and radiates negative light which multiplies problems in life. Cheating in a  marriage is the most common example of self betrayal as you try to tell yourself that you can cope up with a  bad marriage, whereas you feel exhausted and collapsing inside as a soul.

 A person who escapes by having sex outside without emotional ties involved,  and tries to get emotional solace from another partner always feels miserable inside because he does not get complete understanding anywhere. He feels that he is compromising everywhere in life and slowly starts feeling like a robot , performing for others.

 The wife or husband who gets cheated , also feels negative. The  lover’s body language remains distant and s/he feels suffocated being with a man who does not desire her body but uses her help for emotional solace or public display. Health problems develop as there is no regular release of sexual  hormones. The situation is defeatist for both  partners.. Betraying trust and  lying does not solve any problem but increases the distance . The bond stretches instead of mending or breaking .

A husband who is cheated feels used money wise and walked over like a doormat. The   wife for whom he sacrifices his freedom and lies to his girlfriends , feels suffocated in the marriage. She wants to break free of the jail she lives by being in his house. There are constant fights between the couple as both feel compromised and abused by each other.

If the person needs to cheat, he can be open about it to his spouse. If the wife does not love him or need him for her sexual needs, she would accept his cheating . If the wife needs the man and he no longer needs her, it is better to break the relationship than continue as the partners can then move on to being freer of a  negative structure  . Cheating and treating intelligent human beings like animals or foolish people brings negativity in life.

As in marriage , every long term relationship works on trust. Advanced souls work at high speed of thought because there is no danger of betrayal. Betrayal prevents moving on as it blocks the smooth flow of love , understanding or evolution. Breaking trust is like throwing a stone in heart which harms health like a poisonous acid over lifetimes. People cheat each other in karmic cycles of revenge till one decides to stop the cycle by moving away from the other for good.
Cheating in marriage indicates that the marriage is not working and a  divorce is needed. Detachment is better than staying negative just as meditation is better than smoking to escape stress.

Similarly, in every relationship of life, betraying trust to escape pressure is not a  solution. Lying doesn’t heal the soul as communication happens more through body language . Abusive people become worse if you lie to them to escape abuse. Simple people feel hurt if you lie to them to save their pain. Usually, the person who cheats gets betrayed by unexpected people and feels sick health-wise because the negative energy just circulates back randomly.
Talking silently by using telepathy can also be used to confess if the reaction is to be minimized but communicating mistakes is wiser than making another person feel like a fool to trust you. A person who feels humiliated will reflect back  disrespect subconsciously .

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