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Everyone faces sorrows on Earth. The planet Earth is an amalgamation of positive and negative energies. The soul is free of negative energy arising due to time and space limitations, in the higher, frequency positive dimensions of the universe where spirit forms live eternally and evolve from one frequency to another.
However, time and space limitations exist on Earth as Earth is one of the lower dimensions in the universe. 

All the dreams a human being has cannot be achieved in one life time as life for the soul is eternal. The soul incarnating in a physical body is initially like a toddler. Each life is only an experience for the soul  like a step in the learning ladder of evolution. The soul falls when it tries to speed up its evolution and sins in the process.
When the soul sins, it harms other souls and creates negative energy in the process of accumulating money or fame.

 The soul creates that which it focuses on as it is a co-creator, a part of the Creator. When the soul focuses on being negative, it loses its connection with the positive frequencies of God , It acquires money or fame through spreading injustice and taking life force from its fellow incarnated souls. The abuser gets powerful through its negative co-coercion but it loses out on happiness. No positive energy can reach a person focused on the negative and the power it earns is futile because it doesn’t lead to any peace or happiness for the soul.
Every action we do on Earth is meant to help the soul evolve to a brighter frequency bit when we take actions which make us lose our positivity, we devolve as souls,

Evolution is  a process. From reptiles, we evolve to mammals and from mammals , we evolve to birds. The shift is not only physical . Mentally also, human beings belong to three levels of consciousness. The lower consciousness beings called RAKSHAS, the middle consciousness beings called Manushyas and the Higher consciousness beings called DEVAS.

Human beings are mammals. When human beings dream, they seek to fly. For the soul, the process of achieving dreams is an attempt to fly. As the soul achieves its desires in ways which make it happy , it flies on happiness, health, love and peace. Feeling positive and not sad is an indication of soul advancement. If the soul needs to escape through crying, using sex as a vent out and alcohol to be thoughtless then it means that the soul is focusing more on negative than positive. The more we focus on any energy, the more we attract it in our lives.

The advanced soul believes in goodness, love, oneness of all humans and makes attempts to achieve these aspects of life which take it closer to God. The soul eats food to feel healthy not for craving and it indulges in sex to feel loved not for venting out its negativity . The soul becomes like God in thinking, is self reliant in being happy and moves  away from dependence on liquor or animal sex for finding inner peace .

The advanced soul  feels satisfied with all aspects of its life and content with the way the world moves around him or her. The desires which are left unachieved are forgotten by the soul who seeks to fly as those desires bind the soul to negativity  .

From human beings, souls evolve to being like Vulcans , Indigos , Crystals, Neonites,  and Rainbows , which are beings from other dimensions who can fly . These advanced souls are involved in more complex activities of the universe like creating new planets and maintaining galaxies. Advanced forms create life forms while human beings create physical forms which are life less.However , the process of evolution happens only by focusing on peeling positive within irrespective of external negativity . A shift in inner consciousnesses slowly changes external circumstances for the person but a focus only on the external scnario makes the soul feel more helpless repeatedly. 

Indulging in sadness, using prostitutes or alcohol , drugs, excessive medicines , smoking etc. Are all a signal to the subconscious mind that the soul is losing control and needs to escape from reality . When there is escapism, learning cannot happen. These souls may be successful in Earthly terms but slowly their spirit erodes . The sex they get is loveless, the alcohol they drink to be in peace does not bring them peace. Hangovers make them depressed and the feeling of being lifeless increases overtime.

Any solution to a  problem which makes the person escape without addressing the negative energy inside him does not help in converting the circumstances the soul exists in to positive . A bad marriage can continue if there is alcohol and prostitutions to compensate; but a   mad marriage will break if love is needed to survive .  A non satisfying job which pays good money would continue only if the satisfaction is pursued through alternatives like cigarettes, alcoholism and friends who help escaping the core problems but the bad job cannot continue if the person has to deal with its inefficacy and there is no compensation and no escape.

Breaking structures which are dysfunctional is necessary to move onto happiness in life . People who take baby steps to being successful  can be happy only if they also take baby steps to meditate and find their inner desires. Taking baby steps, helps in not losing balance but moving in a direction which offers money but no inner peace makes the soul negative in the long run. The more helpless and victimized we feel, the more we loosen our brightness , as souls .

The accumulation of money or fame is futile if the soul devolves and reincarnates as animal in the next life because it again has to repeat the whole experience of learning , struggle to survive and evolve all over again . Several souls repeat life times of similar bad habits, similar frustrations and similar failures till they learn to rise above the negative trap through connecting to higher positive frequencies of God, light, knowledge and wisdom . Patterns do not break automatically. Bad Habits die only when discipline, and mind control is enforced by choice made voluntarily by an evolving soul.

The price of advancement from being mentally like a  reptile to being a mammal to being a  bird is letting go of security as security for a reptile is different from security for a mammal. A mammal will not be happy in the same type of circumstances where a reptile feels happy . Those beliefs which are not needed to be in peace but are imposed as safe by society’s standards have to be discarded believing in support from the skies ( God ) as the birds do .  The reptile cannot walk if it keeps crawling . If people keep compromising , they cannot walk towards a higher level of happiness.  When the being starts walking , it keeps falling and slowly learns the balance . In the process of falling , if it restarts compromising , It again moves back to being like a reptile and has to rise all over again . The desires remain dis-satisfied till fpocus shifts from lifeless forms to finding life force inside, till we rise above material satisfaction to achieving satisfaction by being one with God’s bliss.
The reptile cannot walk till it compromises with its helplessness. Similarly, the mammal cannot fly if it keeps walking . As long as there is dis-satisfaction , the soul remains tied to Earth . As desires transcend from desiring tangible forms like money to buy cars or gold to realizing feelings of happiness , joy and peace  which are intangible. The being transcends from being physical to being bird-like in advancement . Desires do not change overnight . It takes life-times to advance in need hierarchies.

The movement from a reptile to a mammal allows the soul to remain grounded . The mammal is half grounded and half in air; meaning that a person who is evolving is half realistic and half dreamy. The dreamy aspect makes it create that which did not exist earlier. For example, the dreamers created the aeroplanes, the mobile phones and love in air.

Human beings who cannot dream devolve as they cannot maintain their half body in air.Thy want to be safe and cannot make any choice which makes them feel insecure in terms of money or shelter. In their next lives, they are reborn as snails or reptiles again where they are in environments where they feel safe and grounded.
Human beings who remain dreamers slowly lose interest in the physical dimension as they want to create beyond that which can be seen. These souls evolve to planets which support flying frequencies if they rise to higher levels of peace, health and happiness during their life-times on Earth. For example souls like Einstein, Buddha etc. who have been inventors, saints and detached from material life but high on spiritual realms move closer to frequencies of God. However, souls who dream but remain sad m helpless and die of diseases which cripple their spirits have to be reborn again and again till they can transcend the negative into positive by their meditative abilities.

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