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The war between the Dark forces and the Light workers is at the level of energy. There are no physical weapons used. The war is of words. Thoughts pass from one being to another and spread negative energy.
The negative feelings spread like a virus. They create doubt in one person and he passes the doubt to another person, then the third and so on.
Dark energies cannot be deciphered visibly on the physical plane. They work through a person’s mind. Any person who is dominated by a dark force initially starts to lower the dominance of positive energies in another person by making the person feel helpless, humiliated, inefficient, cheated, sad etc.
Upon hearing the negative commentary, the person disbelieves in his own goodness which lowers his self esteem. Lack of belief in the self, weakens the soul and reduces the person’s power to focus his mind on creating happiness. The person gets distracted from his positive focus by the doubts which the dark force puts in his mind.” EXCERPT - CREATION OF HAPPINESS, THE ENERGY WAR,  a soul's perspective

Each time we interact with other people, we create new thoughts. The thoughts create feelings which make us negative or positive. People who are negative pass on their negative feelings to us in their positively spoken words also while people who are positive pass on positive feelings to us even in the negatively spoken words. It is the feelings which are transmitted which decide whether they person is speaking from a realm of God or a  realm of the devil.

The devil may operate through bad people or with good people who are negative in orientation because they are conditioned so. The dark force travels like a wave from one being to another just as sound waves pass on. We catch the thought waves directed towards us, depending on our inner frequency. Negativity passes like a virus  and the thoughts impact us more subconsciously than the words spoken  . While the completely negative people who are BLACK in their aura are visible like criminals or abusers or rapists , the WHITE POISONOUS people who are negative create more negativity in us which makes us attract the black people .
Dark force uses the WHITE POISON to make us weak . These are people who are traditional , orthodox in approach, compromising in attitude, usually complaining , falsely religious and proclaim to be good. These are people we trust who are not always bad but they catch the negative thought waves in moments of their own despair and pass it on to the positive people . These so-called good people cut our wings . They are invisible  as they are in good robes as in teachers, gurus, priests, parents , wives or husbands , children, friends, siblings etc,. These people claim to love and flatter but their message is underlined with negativity. 

The person who is loved or flattered feels more negative than positive afterwards .  There is disapproval in undertones and in body language , disagreement of values , an awe of strength but a  display of weakness. It is like a wolf flattering a lion but backstabbing in behaviour or a mouse flattering an elephant but feeling jealous inside .
These people who act as WHITE POISON are not always bad as their love and care may be genuine. They are also helpful in their own ways but they are caught in their own negative cycle of life and they find faults with others only to sanctify their own compromise. Their own choices are negative because they are too traditional, lazy or afraid to break free of society’s pressures and think originally and they unconsciously speak good in a  way which passes on that energy of negativity. For example, a  woman who feels sacrificed in her own marriage may make her son feel miserable if he loves a woman only because her own belief in love has shattered . Ira  father who feels like a failure in his own business may kill the enterprise of his own daughter only to save her from disappointment
Each time we feel negative because of any reason, we incur negative karma.

Sometimes, the negative feelings imbibed help to break destructive patterns in our behaviour while at other times, those negative worries make us feel more compromised and helpless. We lose the game when we feel negative and we win the game when we can overcome other people’s negative influence and make choices to be happy ourselves , even if it means rebellion from society. Mass consciousness is always evolving and it is the rebels who help in growth and evolution to a higher level of happiness, not the conformists

Earth is considered as a school by souls incarnating in heaven . The method of learning is experiential through playing games in life / Life is considered a video game by the incarnating soul.

Each time the soul feels positive, its gets a positive score and each time the soul feels negative , its gets a negative score. Feelings release electric impulses in the universe just as bodies release breath. Each breath carries an accompanying feeling and it is the feelings which determine, the karmic equation of the soul.
Whatever choices we make, whichever actions we take are not counted directly by their impact. The souls only record electric impulses released by feelings while taking those actions.

 It does not matter whether you do conventionally good work or bad work. Legal laws are not applicable for the souls . The soul plays the game from the outside through controlling the bodies with a remote control.  Only electric activity in the brain is recorded by the soul. If there is no activity in the brain, a neutral or negative charge is recorded. However, nothing matters except for the feelings released which create the electric activities.
So, whenever we feel good, we create a positive score for ourselves and whenever we feel bad, we create a negative score for ourselves. The average score is recorded .

If we pretend to be happy outside but feel negative or compromised inside, a negative score is recorded and we lose the game. While drinking alcohol, taking drugs or partying on fatty foods, if we feel negative, the soul records a loss, not a gain . Each time , a negative score is added. The person loses on happiness and gets a minus in the learning of the soul lesson accompanying .

Negative scores have to be converted into positive before the soul can end this game cycle which may continue over life times.

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