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Spirit fragments which feel helpless, body focused and blame  external circumstances all through life while making no attempts to awaken the soul within the body are born as animals who have  a simpler life where the soul is virtually inactive for shaping  circumstances, as is explained in my updated version of the book and the next blog:


Spirits which are negative in a complex manner and cannot be reborn as animals who have  a simplified mind-set , would be reborn in energy frequencies that are more negative than the low vibrational frequency due to the LAWS OF VIBRATIONS governing movement of energy frequencies .  By the LAWS OF VIBRATIONS, you amplify the energies you focus upon .

Thus, people dying in extreme sadness or anger amplify the energies which surrounds their mind by their choice to feel angry or revengeful at the moment of death. They are reborn in misery simply because they die in misery as they do not choose to uplift their frequencies to positive before death.

Some spirits who feel very helpless, negative or have been criminals and irresponsible, reach extremely traumatic energies of hell.  They are reborn in families which are so sad and negative that it feels as if they are reborn in hell. They find darkness all around and cannot connect to God as an energy vibrating in a physical and  metaphysical plane, simultaneously.

Heaven and Hell can both be felt on Earth. Hell, is a dimension of  self awareness which is dominated by low energy frequencies where you feel as if you are being sucked by rejection, lack of love, emptiness, wherein every experience seems to be filled with vacuum or you feel repetitively angry and helpless as you would if your spirit were burning in fire, metaphorically.

Spirits who believe they would not reach heaven and would dissolve or reach hell at the point of death die in a mental vibration which makes them enter a womb of a mother who is always negative in orientation and focused on struggling for survival.  

The choices of life which make a person a criminal or a  killer or force  a person to commit suicide, lead the spirit to move into hell at the moment of death . The negative thinking pattern which is constantly dependent on approval by others, feels rejected at the smallest of rejection, blames itself to the extent of punishing its own body by fueling anger and self- pity or punishing others by using revenge and betrayal as tools of balancing karma; gets the spirit reborn in a family which is struggling with sadness and survival, as if burning in fire.
Karmic payback follow the life of a killer but a death by suicide can to be avoided by recognizing the need for suicide and subsequently, developing a detached mind-set.

A death by suicide is extremely traumatic not only before the death but after the death for the reincarnating spirit. You feel very sad as a spirit after committing suicide which often prevents you from entering the realm of God as you need to trust God and believe in happiness, to enter a celestial realm. 

The spirit who commits suicide does not reach heaven but gets attached to another person or is reborn almost immediately. After death, the sad spirit falls in sadder frequencies which leads to an extremely difficult life after rebirth. The spirit who kills another or takes its own body by force, enters a realm where sensibilities fail to help and you feel angry, helpless and wish to die again and again.

 You blame your circumstances and have no gratitude for your blessings as you reincarnate e with the feeling you die with always.

When you die with feeling helpless as if you are literally living in hell, you are reborn in hell. The energy vibration radiating from your core is of a  self -hatred frequency and you can only see problems and difficulties.

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