Saturday, 30 January 2016


The Law of Attraction simply states – “Like attracts Like. “

Similar type of people get attracted towards each other as friends; while dis-similar people stay away from each other . Due to the Law of attraction , people come together and move apart when energies mis-match . People who agree in some aspects and disagree on most, stay together for some time, and then separate. By mixing, filtering and separating, people clear out energies which  disagree.

Just as you attract people who think as you do, you attract opportunities for studying and working depending on what type of energies you like to experience.

For example, if you like violence, you would choose the army ; whereas if you like money , you would choose business and if you like people, you would choose  a profession like that of a teacher, a doctor or counselor . You would attract circumstances which make you get motivated towards an energy experience which you desire to feel in your life.

In abstract terms, ‘’Like or similar’’ frequencies of energies match each other. Metaphorically, the energies of water and stones do not mix with each other. However, water mixes with water and quantum of water increases. Similarly, water gets absorbed in mud and becomes muddy water .

The Law of Attraction mixes energies of similar frequencies. The mixing of energies aids in Creation of complexities. Matching feelings create more of the same energy or reformulate the existing energy . In the above example, clear water becomes more if increased with same type of clear water,  dirty water when mixed with mud and remains untouched if mixed with stone.

In other words, the energy of water is reformulated when mixed with another energy which absorbs its energies as its own but remains unchanged when mixed with an energy which is too different, as stone is.

All energies do not match. Similarly, all types of people do not think alike . Different people focus on different feelings or energies and attract the feelings which they focus upon. Since energy requirements vary amongst different people, ambitions of success are differently defined for each person ; as all ambitions are  manifestations/ formations of desired feelings/energy experiences. Definitions of success vary for different people as the same desires do not give as much happiness  or satisfaction for everyone.

Therefore, when society insists on same definitions of success for all, several people become unhappy because they are forced to be successful in conventional terms. For example, some children remain unhappy because they are forced to study whereas other children like studying; similarly, several adults remain unhappy because they are forced to stay in a marriage whereas others like relationships .

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