Saturday, 16 January 2016


Happiness does not come automatically by working hard. Opposite statement is not true either. Happiness does not come by not working also.
Happiness and work are separate as food and water. You need happiness to feel alive, and you need work to survive. Just as water does not give contentment to the stomach, just work does not give contentment to the heart.

People wanted simple rules when they evolved from monkeys to humans. The same rules of survival were modified and applied to the human race, assuming that human beings needed only basic food, water and shelter to survive as animals do. However, oxen can be happy by working hard and dogs can be happy eating bones, but human beings require complex EMOTIONAL SATISFACTION which animals do not need. Emotional Satisfaction requires recreation, passion, creative satisfaction, entertainment, books, music, films, art, feeling loved, feeling healthy etc., which working hard does not provide.

If you are only focused upon working hard, you soon lose all concept of happiness and start feeling like robots. Sex becomes animal like for you, devoid of intimacy and love. You seek some human entertainment through alcohol and drugs but you suffer more from hangovers and headaches than stay happy or healthy.

Happiness requires a focus on feeling happy by a deliberate effort to increase positive thinking by using scientific and meditative methods to increase release of positive hormones in the body. Meditation means ignoring all problems around you for some time and stay focused on your breathing wile smiling imagining feelings of good health and bliss inside your body. Good feelings release healthy hormone sin the body whether focused upon in imagination or in reality.

Animals cannot imagine and hence cannot meditate. But human beings need to use their brains to create happiness in life in ways which simple animal minds can never understand. Working hard like oxen will enslave you in gold mines, where you dig gold to feed others; but not increase your inner satisfaction, strength or power. Working is important but your positive thinking while working is more important than just physical work. The choices of life have  to be made to increase your inner satisfaction, improve your relationships and make you fee; healthy, even if it means disobeying traditions, old unhappy people & dog concept of loyalty.

Happiness and health will improve if you smile more than cry. However, the SMILE and the TEARS are not based on External circumstances. The SMILE can be created by using your lips to smile for every second every hour while feeling good within your body. Whenever you feel good, you will release positive hormones in the body .Release of positive hormones will activate good health and peace of mind scientifically.

As you keep focusing on smiling with feeling good for a few moments every hour, you will stop focusing on your problems for those few moments.

Vibration ally, the more you focus on problems, energy cycles of aim increase in your life. All your circumstances are created by energy cycles activated by your SOUL, as the co-creator.
The more you focus on feeling good more than feeling bad by counting good aspects of yourself and life, the more your inner thinking and circumstances will change to improve your body and your life .  

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