Saturday, 5 March 2016

Soul Lessons

Our soul is the life-force which drives our body and mind. A synchronization between the soul, body and mind is required just as there needs to be alignment between the driver, the car and the engine ( wherein each unit functions on its own while working for the whole ).

Our soul incarnates on Earth in a human body to understand and participate in the process of creation as the co-creator.  Earth is like a school for the soul.

As every school has grades , Earth has dimensions or realms of existence. Each dimension has a syllabus and a  course plan which helps the soul create happiness as an evolving goal.

The lower grades have simpler syllabi , while the advanced souls have a complex syllabus.
Animal souls are less advanced souls and have to cross over a basic level of difficulty to attain their criteria of happiness. Animals feel happy if they get food and shelter. Human souls need clothing along with food and shelter .

The younger or less advanced human souls feel grateful if they have food, clothing and shelter . As the soul advances, the need of happiness complexifies .

There are layers of needs of food, clothing and shelter. Food develops several varieties like pizzas and alcohol; clothing varieties are created  for casual and formal occasions , children and adults, men and women and the need keeps getting more complex with focus . Similarly,  shelter includes housing, hotels  etc. of different kinds, classes .

This complexification of needs creates demand for creation in several ways. The soul keeps creating life in more beautiful and glittering forms as it tries to understand the process of converting a thought into reality in the physical world. However, as the soul advances, the soul attains a full circle of understanding the process of creation and again simplifies its needs to be aligned with pure energies of The Creator.

Each human soul incarnates on Earth with a  life-plan. The life-plan includes lessons of life.
Each grade or dimension of the soul has a different lesson plan. As the soul crosses one set of difficulties, the soul is given a more difficult test to cross over to a higher dimension of existence. That is why advanced souls have a more difficult life than young souls .

As soul need advances, just food, clothing and shelter no longer suffice to be happy . The advanced soul needs respect, peace, contentment, intellectual satiation, creative mobility , passion, optimism , logic based explanations, good health and scope for betterment .

Happiness comes by passing soul lessons  entailed in need gratification . Needs are fulfilled with satisfaction by integration of soul lessons such as patience, detachment, optimism , compassion, overcoming rejection, understanding, originality, creativity etc.


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    1. Thanks for the acknowledgement. My next book is on inculcating spiritual awareness in education, learning positive thinking from childhood. I am sharing some self help skills from that download on my June 12, 2016 post .